The Movie Crypt: Ep 223: Live in London

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On Saturday August 26 th , Adam and Joe performed a LIVE episode of THE MOVIE CRYPT at the Prince Charles Cinema in London. With special guests Paul McEvoy (one of FrightFest’s directors), screenwriter James Moran (DR. WHO, SEVERANCE), and of course the audience themselves… this episode is a total blast from start to finish!

Catch Adam Green on tour with his new film VICTOR CROWLEY – coming to a theater near you between now and Thanksgiving! Keep checking for the most updated list of tour dates and cities!
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  • Duncan

    Hi Adam. Congratulations on the successful launch of your new movie and the miracle of keeping it secret for so long! The solar eclipse was awesome, but it meant I missed the LA premiere. Maybe it’s just as well – since I haven’t seen a Hatchet movie, it freed up another seat for a Hatchet Army-an (Armenian?). Maybe I can make it to the Burbank screening. I hope Joe’s “Mayham” was equally well received.

    Now you’ve got me nervous. Last week I booked an Air New Zealand flight to Australia. I will be sure to at least avoid bean sprouts.

    Dysfunctional as this Geek Nation Comments board is, I finally found some value in the call girl spam posts. This one is hilarious: “People that search for service that is quality would be the types who sweetie to go to Chandigarh for musing’s solitary purpose. Today head away to truly have the best type of humorous permanently after which anyone unbiased need certainly to discount away the appreciated period.”

    It reminds me of a sign I saw in a hotel in China: “To care for your healthy and safety Please: Persist to use condom while sex.” And my personal favorite: “When on fire, please don’tt use the lift.”

    Good luck with the rest of your Victor Crowley tour!

    • Duncan

      Oh wait. The Monsterpalooza site seems to say it’s “just” you and not the movie?? Ariescope seems to be saying the movie will be shown?? I’m confused.

      • Adam Green

        MONSTERPALOOZA is a convention appearance. We’ll be doing a panel on Sunday 9/17 and showing clips- but not the actual movie. The movie is only being shown in theaters. Right now the tour dates listed are for ALL appearances that have been announced so far this year. Once we can list the actual movie tour dates/theaters it will be updated with them.

        • Duncan

          Cool. Thanks.

          • Duncan

            Hey, just in case you didn’t know – “E.T.” to be released on 4K disc on Tuesday!

  • So I actually just meet Kane Hodder in Kentucky for the Days of the Dead convention and I have to say he is the nicest human being I have ever met. Kane was actually wearing a Holliston Nation shirt that cause me to go full on fangirl freakout mode, I still look like a teenager so he might have been a bit nicer to me thinking I was just an over excited kid lol. Any way since the convention was slow on Friday we got to talking and he told me about The Road To Frightfest short you guys did together (which some how I had missed), he also informed me about the Victor Crowley tour. Hopefully I can catch it in Nashville, October 28th is my birthday after all and it would be a great way to celebrate turning 31.