The Movie Crypt: Ep 229: Darren Bousman Returns!

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Darren Bousman isn’t just a terrific filmmaker (SAW 2-4, REPO!, ABBATTOIR) and an innovator in immersive live theater (TENSION, LUST), he’s also one of the greatest guests we’ve ever had on THE MOVIE CRYPT in the 4+ year history of the program.  Listen as Adam, Joe, Arwen, and Darren tackle the subject of promotion, distribution, and the various “outside the box” methods they’ve each used to get their work out there and build the strong, loyal, and passionate fan bases that they have.  Your head will be spinning with inspiration by the time Darren finishes explaining how he put TENSION together and you’ll likely learn more useful information about building an audience in this one episode than you will from 4 years of film school.  Our beloved Patreon supporters receive some “Hollywood Therapy” from Dr. Arwen and Darren answers your “Viewer Mail” questions in this incredibly honest discussion that shows once again just why Darren is one of the very best guests in MOVIE CRYPT history.
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