The Movie Crypt: Ep 230: Nick Antosca

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Writer Nick Antosca (CHANNEL ZERO, HANNIBAL) joins Adam, Joe, and Arwen to discuss his career journey so far.  From a kid playing “zombies” in his backyard… to finding his voice in writing short stories and novels… to writing features like THE COTTAGE and THE FOREST… to staffing on various television shows like THE PLAYER and HANNIBAL (how did they ever get that kind of gore past NBC’s standards and practices department??)… to creating and show running CHANNEL ZERO and everything in between, the boys dive deep into the craft of writing and running a television series in this super informative episode.   Our favorite listeners (our Patreon supporters) receive some “Hollywood Therapy” from Dr. Arwen and Nick also answers their “Viewer Mail” questions at length.

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  • Mamet006

    Would it really have been that sacrilegious to make a POV found footage Friday The 13th? I mean what is the signature shot of a slasher film? The POV of killer? Might be a bit of a stretch figuring out how and why Jason is wearing a damn camera on his head but c’mon. Plus in the end they decided not to go that route(technically in the end they decided to go the route of no movie) so it’s seem disappointing for Adam to have just straight up left the meeting after hearing it would be found footage.