The Movie Crypt: Ep 232: Gary J Tunnicliffe

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Make-Up FX maestro, writer, and director Gary J. Tunnicliffe (GONE GIRL, SCREAM 4, HELLRAISER: JUDGEMENT) shares his career journey with Adam, Joe, and Arwen.  From Gary’s early infatuation with Hammer Horror Films… to his love-affair with all things Clive Barker… to his many years working on the HELLRAISER franchise… to the billion films he’s worked on in-between… the boys discuss everything from how to make perfect fake blood to Gary’s most recent outing at the helm of the HELLRAISR franchise.  Dr. Arwen barks out some “Hollywood Therapy” and Gary answers your “Viewer Mail” questions in this terrific episode that will tear your soul apart!
Lynch’s MAYHEM is opening THIS WEEKEND in select theaters and on VOD starting Friday Nov 10th while Green is still traversing the country on his theatrical tour with VICTOR CROWLEY!  Check for the most updated list of tour dates.
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  • Duncan

    With all this episode’s references to selling movies to The Weinstein Company, I bet you’re regretting the whole putting-episodes-in-the-bank thing now, ha ha!