The Movie Crypt: Ep. 63: Rachael Leigh Cook

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Adam has hailed her as one of the most admirable and down to earth women working in Hollywood and he’s even called her “an angel” when her name has come up on previous episodes of The Movie Crypt, so the boys (and “Arwen”) are delighted to finally sit down with the wonderful soul that is actress Rachael Leigh Cook (SHE’S ALL THAT, PERCEPTION, JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS). Listen as they discuss Rachael’s career from child model to break-out film and television star, how Rachael has navigated her career and chosen her roles, what things Rachael will and will not do in a movie, why she passed up the chance to play “Rogue” in X-MEN, gender equality in the entertainment business, what it’s like to wear pajamas to a party that’s not a pajama party, the importance of self-image as a young woman working in the limelight, how Rachael has remained so grounded in a world of make believe, and how she and her husband (actor Daniel Gillies from THE ORIGINALS, VAMPIRE DIARIES and so much more) have been able to succeed in not only their marriage but also in raising their new daughter while both juggling extremely difficult career schedules. Of course you get the usual segments as well (“Viewer Mail” and “5 Minute Movie”) but by the last few minutes of the episode we guarantee that you too will be a lifelong fan of Rachael’s when you hear what exactly it is that Adam has to thank her for.

Follow Rachael (@RachaelLCook), Adam (@Adam_Fn_Green), Joe (@TheJoeLynch) and of course @MovieCrypt on Twitter and… if there is ONE movie to see that has ever been discussed in the history of this show… seek out and watch Rachael and Daniel’s compelling and eye-opening filmmaking documentary KINGDOM COME which the boys strongly feel should be the very first thing every film school program shows their students. You’ll thank us later.

  • Can’t wait to download and listen to this. As usual great work and thanks for doing all of these. I know it can be alot of work to do so many that you have one out every Monday. So i really appreciate it.

  • Ben

    What a great podcast. Rachael is awesome. What a sweetheart. Great job as always.

  • Shad Youngblood

    I watched Kingdom Come this week. It was an amazing film, congrats to everyone for hanging on. How the frustration and anger doesn’t turn everyone in show business into monsters is beyond me.

    • Adam Green

      Sadly, the frustration and anger DO turn some people into monsters or simply break them as human beings. But KINGDOM COME is an excellent example that shows how one can endure such a horrible experience and yet still come out on the other side not only still intact, but stronger.