The Movie Crypt: Ep. 71: Producers Chris Moore & Josh Shader

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Producers Chris Moore (GOOD WILL HUNTING, PROJECT GREENLIGHT, AMERICAN PIE) and Josh Shader (AMERICAN PIE, THINK TANK) sit down with Adam and Joe to discuss their careers, the craft of producing, and their new Starz TV series THE CHAIR, a groundbreaking experiment that follows the experiences of two different filmmakers making feature films from the exact same script now airing. From Moore meeting Matt Damon while in college at Harvard University and struggling for years to get GOOD WILL HUNTING made, to Shader making such an impression on the AMERICAN PIE producers as writer/director Adam Herz’s assistant that he quickly worked his way up to producer status on the sequels, to the 3 season/3 movie experience that was Project Greenlight, to the painful truth that even after producing enormous worldwide and Academy Award-winning hits it is still no easier to get a movie made in Hollywood, to the reality of today’s new “YouTube Celebrity” generation, to some of the absolute greatest advice given to up and coming filmmakers yet, to some very personal and heartfelt words about working with the late Robin Williams…this is yet another extremely candid and honest episode of THE MOVIE CRYPT fit for inclusion in even the best film school’s program. “How about them apples?”

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  • Thanks, again guys. I’m really loving these eps with the producers and getting a deeper look into the industry. And as usual, thanks for all the hard work you put into those wonderfully fun podcasts each and single week. Best part of my week really.

    • Adam Green

      Thanks, Kip! Hope you got yourself a MOVIE CRYPT T-shirt!

      • Money’s a bit tight at the moment. But if i can, I will. I have 4 shirts from you. Plus the Hatchet Hoodie which I wear proudly.

  • Ben

    Fantastic podcast as always. Thank You Adam and Joe for always starting my week off on a good note with these. I will be buying my Movie Crypt shirt this week.

  • Shad Youngblood

    Great show as always. Speaking of Robin Williams, I always thought it was amazing how much he helped out Christopher Reeve. He was there for his friend when it mattered most, and that type of person is sadly rare.

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    Chris Moore was jerk off on PROJECT GREENLIGHT/

  • Guest

    Chris Moore was such a douchebag on Project Greenlight.

  • harrypham