The Movie Crypt: Ep. 82: HOLLISTON Reunion

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In their first public appearance together as a cast since suffering the sudden and tragic loss of Dave Brockie (“Oderus Urungus”) and the closing of the FEARnet cable television network, HOLLISTON’s core ensemble (Green, Lynch, Ortiz, and English) reunite and discuss what they’ve each been through and what they’ve each been up to during the series’ indefinite hiatus as well as where things currently stand with the future of the show. Will the show return and, if so, when? What does FEARnet closing down actually mean for future seasons? “Why not just bring the show to [insert name of network or digital streaming service here]?” How will the loss of Brockie be addressed in a potential third season? As the creator, writer, and show runner of the series, will Green consider replacing “Oderus” with a new character or a different imaginary friend for “Adam” if/when the sit-com resumes production? After a year filled with births, deaths, a marriage, a divorce, cross country relocations, new projects, and more… how will the changes in their personal and professional lives shape the future of such a comically irreverent yet deeply personal show? What hurdles have they endured while attempting to modify the financing and distribution structure of the series in their efforts to make HOLLISTON more widely accessible to its loyal audience moving forward? How has the ever changing landscape of serialized content distribution, the harsh levels of internet piracy that HOLLISTON has undergone, and the stigma attached with being the “first original series” of a now defunct network complicated things for the show’s return?

Never before has the cast of a TV show revealed such honest insight while still in the midst of reeling from heartbreaking loss and while still facing so many unknown variables for their show’s future. So whether you’re an avid fan of HOLLISTON, someone trying to navigate the entertainment business with your own TV project, or just someone interested in how and why things work they way they do, take note and draw your own inspiration from this exceptionally candid, funny, and touching episode. We won’t spoil it here, but Adam, Joe, Laura, Corri, and “Axl the cat” also round out this special episode with a surprise for your ears…

Note: An unprecedented and absolutely overwhelming amount of “Viewer Mail” questions, heartfelt comments, and personal letters to the cast were received for this reunion episode through the @MovieCrypt Twitter account and the official Holliston TV Show Facebook page. While there was absolutely no possible way during the allotted recording time to acknowledge every person who wrote in, please know that Adam, Joe, Laura, and Corri did indeed read every single comment submitted… and they thank and love you all. Had Dee Snider (“Lance Rockett”) not been in Chicago with his play “Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale” at the time of this recording he surely would have been part of this episode as well. For everything you need to know about how HOLLISTON came to be and to hear the main cast’s individual career stories, listen to the following previous Movie Crypt episodes: Episode #5 “HOLLISTON origins” (6/3/13), Episode #6 “Laura Ortiz” (6/10/13), Episode #11 “Comic Con Special with Oderus Urungus” (7/19/13), Episode #42 “Corri English” (3/17/14), Episode #45 “Dave Brockie Tribute Special” (4/4/14), and Episode #46 “Dee Snider” (4/7/14).

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  • Adam Green

    A lot of work went into this special episode. Special thanks to HOLLISTON’s editor Ed Marx for helping us with the special surprise… 🙂

  • Timothy Tackett

    Beautiful. Thank You. I Really Hope Things Work Out & The Show Can Have A Mighty Return!

  • Michael Nuss

    Excellent Episode! Thank you!!

  • Love the show, love the podcast, love the movies. Bring on season 3!

  • Hellion Hellsing

    Thank You so much for the awesome shout out! Love all of you guys and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the mighty return of Holliston!!! Good Luck to you all! – Heath Hellsing m/

  • Anthony Kowaleski

    Resurrect Holliston!
    Everyone go and buy the first two seasons on Blu-ray at
    The seasons are jam packed with extras that expand far upon their monetary value.
    If you are a fan.. you have no excuse not to own them.. Especially if it keeps Adam, Joe and the crew in business to make more.

    Love the podcast guys! Keep up the great work. I’m looking forward to all future projects you get involved in.

    • Adam Green

      THANK YOU.

  • Giz Goodwin

    Was so good to hear you all together on the podcast, and thank you for the ending! There has to be a third season,this show is too good to just let go, I relate more to these characters than any other tv show,being from the UK it really reminds me of Spaced, and remember what those guys did next 😉

    Hope to see season 3 next year!

    • Adam Green

      Being compared to SPACED is one of the greatest compliments ever. Thank you so much for listening and taking the time to write a posting!

  • Mdburton11

    Bring on season 3

  • Dan Chase

    HOLLISTON is one of my favorite shows, without a doubt. Even if there is a 10% chance the show will be back is enough for me. The main traits of the show that draw you initially (over the top comedy, horror references, rediculous laugh track, etc.) end up being essentially icing on the cake. The real good stuff that ends up bouncing around in your head for days after are the emotional aspects. Adam, Joe, Laura, and Corri have created something that I feel cannot be duplicated. They feel like a family….add a huge dose of fan transparency…and you have something so unique, so real and awesome that you’d be crazy not to want to be a part of it. Quick story….recently I have been presented with some amazing opportunities that are life changing. But even when those things are knocking on your door, if you don’t have the courage to grab hold of them when they present themselves, you will be forever asking yourself “what if”. I am from Cape Cod and a huge horror movie fan. So you could probably guess I am a huge Adam Green fan, as well. I used to do a horror podcast and Adam was kind enough to come on not only once, not twice, but three different times. 2 of those interviews being well over an hour. Besides talking about horror and shooting the shit, Adam brought that “HOLLISTON vibe” right to my front door. I think about that last interview all the time. Especially when big things are happening and I need that little push to do my part and show up. It’s never easy, but knowing Adam and his crew have achieved all they have personally and professionally, it gives hope and inspiration in a way that can’t be conveyed through an iphone or computer screen. Thank you guys, so much. HOLLISTON is an incredible show. You are all incredible people.

    • Adam Green

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a personal posting, Dan.

  • Melissa Dobbs

    Love it

  • Thanks to everyone. I can’t wait to listen to the podcast. I can’t wait to listen to it. HOLLISTON is one of my fave shows. Got both seasons on blu ray. So again to Adam. Joe, Corrie and Laura thanks. Hope to see more of this wonder show in the future with a fiery passion.

  • Zombilly

    Seriously thank you! Laura, Corri, Joe & Adam, you are all awesome & the Holliston episode was beautiful. Any chance of the song being released on iTunes?

    • Adam Green

      “On The Streets of Holliston” by YOUNG BEAUTIFUL IN A HURRY will indeed eventually be made available on iTunes by the band, though for the moment they are holding it as the plan has always been to release a HOLLISTON Soundtrack down the road- preferably when/if the show has returned. This episode was the first time that the full song was ever made available to hear.

      • Hellion Hellsing

        I personally would love to write a track for that soundtrack if it happens.

  • Johnny

    I WANT MORE HOLLISTON, It was a great show very funny with nice horror elements, plus its based in the state witch I live in.

  • CJ

    Wonderful episode. I admit I got warm fuzzies at the end there.

    It took me a little while to get used to the sitcom-y-ness of HOLLISTON when I first watched it. I was hoping it would be a single-camera thing more along the lines of Adam and Joe’s ‘Road to Frightfest’ shorts. But after a few episodes I got the hang of it and really began to love it.

    R.I.P. Dave Brockie.

  • John Russell

    WOW!!! Finally Holliston updates! Fn great episode!! Found myself applauding several times! Love Love the radio play and finally hearing the whole Streets of Holliston song by YBIAH! OMG!! Thank you Adam,Joe,Corri and Laura! Much love!!!!

  • Phil Costanzo

    Thank you for the mini episode! I’ve already listened to it 10 times. I hope the plans for season 3 and beyond work out and we get to see the gang back together soon. I love the idea for Oderus’ storyline in future seasons, it’s a shame we won’t get to see it. Thank you for continuing to show that when life gives you lemons, you take more lemons or plums or something and shove it up it’s ass.

  • Shad Youngblood

    Great to hear the reunion episode and very cool of you guys to do the radio play! I’m glad to hear that Holliston will return, and can’t wait to see more!

  • 666obese666 .

    Holy Shit!
    That radio play was absofuckinglutely incredible!!

    I was just listening to the podcast, enjoying and soaking in the information, and the way you 4 transitioned into the radio play, completely caught me off guard. Made my fucking week, dude! It was like getting a surprise holiday gift from the cast of one of my all time favorite shows.
    Thank you all, so much!!

    Unrelated question for Adam; at the GWAR show, did Beefcake or Blothar sing “I Hate Love Songs”? (I know it’s a Beefcake song, but I also know, that Blothar used to be Beefcake, and neither of them are Casey Orr).

    • Adam Green

      Thank you. Jamison Land (GWAR’s current “Beefcake”) san “I Hate Love Songs” and he was terrific.

      • 666obese666 .

        No Adam, Thank you!!

        Man, that’s cool, I hope they keep doing that song when they tour. I’d be psyched to hear it played live, and interested to hear Jamison’s vocals on that song.

  • Really loved that episode, guys! Actually, I’ve loved every episode of The Movie Crypt. No joke, every single one. Didn’t realize I’d be getting misty while listening….I was listening at work. Laughing at your desk is one thing, but starting to tear up? Thanks a pantload. I just moved from the midwest to Phoenix, so I can’t wait to introduce a whole new group of people to Holliston. Everything is going to work out for season 3 and beyond. The show is too damn good and everyone involved are just too great for it not to. 2014 was a meathook fisting for some of us “viewers” too (definitely for me, personally)….but good karma will be coming to us. I can feel it. Good luck and SquidSpeed to you all!
    UgandaWash out.

  • Scott Tostik

    Thank you Thank you Thank you cast of Holliston for doing this podcast. Knowing that it might be the last time you guys preform anything Holliston for any reason. Ifg the show never takes the air again, at least we have two solid seasons to watch time and time again. So thanks guys… it meant alot to a Holliston fan for life!!!!!

  • mbetz13

    I have for years been a fan of both adam and joes work. Years! But this winter i have come to appreciate them even more. I have lost a best friend (my grandma) due to cancer and was temp. laid off of work all within the 3 months of winter, had a lot of sleep anxiety which turned to depression and felt like i had nothing in my life. Spent a lot of time alone so of course i went to what i love and that is horror movies. Your films/podcast have literally pulled me out of the sad mental state i was in at the time. Just having your voice to listen to is so comforting and uplifting at times that im now addicted to it. Im so glad adam loves to talk so much cuz i can go right to a movie knowing there will be a commentary on it. Im new to holliston only cuz it was never available to me but ive known bout it since day one. Im not a pirate so i have finally got the blu rays from ariescope and i can not get enough of it! Its great to get a good laugh in the mix of it all. You both have helped me in ways you will never know and ways i cant even explain and to that i thank you both so much! Cant wait for season 3 and all future projects. Keep up the fantastic work!