The Movie Crypt: Ep. 34: Darren Lynn Bousman

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In this very special extended-length episode Adam and Joe are joined by filmmaker Darren Lynn Bousman (SAW 2-4, REPO THE GENETIC ROCK OPERA) for what is not only the most brutally honest and no-holds-barred MOVIE CRYPT episode yet, but also one of the most eye opening and jaw dropping podcasts you’ll ever hear – period.

From Bousman’s amazing story on how he talked his way into his first few Hollywood jobs, to his incredible and unmatched success with his first three films (SAW 2, 3, and 4) that turned SAW into the most profitable horror franchise in cinema history, to the rude awakening that was walking away from the studio machine to focus on the art he originally set out to create, to his heartbreaking tales from the trenches that are both infuriating and shocking to hear, to navigating the torture traps of test screenings, surviving the pit of needles known as critics, dealing with the razor wire terrors of internet piracy and how these crimes personally inflict a slow death upon their victims…no dead pureed pig is left in the closet and no obnoxious SAW puns are left for this description. Whether you are a long time listener or just joining the party for the first time, this 3-hour long episode is THE MOVIE CRYPT at its most inspiring, at its most challenging, and at its absolute best.  Listen, learn, and TESTIFY!

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  • Colt Howard

    GREAT fricken ep, guys!

    • Adam Green

      Thanks, Colt. Definitely my favorite of the 34 episodes so far.

  • Shad Youngblood

    This episode was great. After listening to all the stories on this podcast I realize what a miracle it is that anything gets made. I have to hand to you guys for keeping going.

    • Adam Green

      Amen, Shad.

  • Dominic Wieneke

    Thanks for excellent episode. As an indie filmmaker myself, its heartbreaking to hear the effects of privacy. Something has to change. Thanks for sharing the personal war stories.

    • Adam Green

      Thanks, Dominic!

  • Chris M

    Dear Adam & Joe,

    I just wanted to say you guys are best inspiration and guidance a hopeful filmmaker could have. I love your work and appreciate your honest stories of hardship and turmoil. I look forward to meeting you guys someday and being able to tell you this to your faces. Very excited for Digging Up the Marrow and Everly.

    Grateful Film Geek

    • Adam Green

      Thanks for posting. Stick with it and don’t give up. No matter how bad it gets- you CAN make it through.

  • arivalscientist

    This was almost 3 hours of pure gold!! Then at the end with your 5 minute film pitching, all I could think about was “Just remake Videodrome With Cellphones”………And then I flash-backed to the Scanners remake story……

    • Adam Green

      Yeah- that SCANNERS story… wow.

  • TV Kelly

    Great podcast! I was surprised by some of these experiences!!!! Hearing your backstories was interesting and introspective. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Repo and the Devil’s Carnival. I’ve introduced Repo to all of my friends (of all types; whether they like horror movies or musicals or none of the above) and I have yet to have someone not like it. I was able to see the Devil’s Carnival when it came to my town with the tour and see Darren in person. Great guy and great filmmaker! This episode was just so awesome!

    • Adam Green

      Thank you!

  • Taylor Scott Olson

    Just finished the episode with Darren Bousman, was the first one I listened to. Definitely needed to hear that, it had a lot of great information. I’m about 2/3 of the way through production on my first horror feature and it’s been crazy so I always enjoy hearing stories about others who have gone through it before. Thanks!

    • Adam Green

      Keep going, Taylor. You’ve got this.

  • Damon Brazzell

    This was, without a doubt, the best Movie Crypt episode ever. I am one of the lucky few who got to see REPO! in a theater (a local non-profit “art” theater played it for a weekend) and hearing the stories Darren told about the preview and critic screenings almost made me want to cry. All the talk about piracy made me think about a meme that’s been passed around by my fellow musicians on FaceBook. This gist of it is, “People are willing to play 5 dollars or more for a cup of coffee that costs a few cents to make and is gone in a few minutes but won’t pay 99 cents for a song that costs thousands of dollars (or more) to make and will last a lifetime.” The same applies to film art as well. I mean, if you have a computer where you can dowload movies, you can surely get an account to some legal streaming service and download a movie for less than 10 dollars. Heck, you can rent it for 2 dollars. And if these people don’t want to pay, I’m sure their town has a library where they can check out any number of movies for free. Anyway, I’m sure you’ve got better things to do than read my rants, but I just had to get that off my chest. I really hope that DIGGING UP THE MARROW and EVERLY do end up opening somewhere near me and even if they don’t, I’ll wait to see them legally. Cheers!

    • Adam Green

      Thanks so much for this posting, Damon. We’re always so glad to hear how much our collective honesty on this podcast touches, educates, and inspires people in a positive way. That’s the whole point in doing it.

  • John Russell

    WOW!! That was the longest podcast. Ever! Took me three days to listen to it here at work! I loved every minute of it! Well I did have to turn down the volume down on the part were you are talking about The Marrow. I really want to be surprised when I get to see it. The podcast was very informative and really honest about movie making in Hollywood! Scary! Keep up the great podcasts and keep bringing in the wonderful guests! Fan for life. Also one more thing #fucktorrent

  • Jean-François Martel

    Surprisingly, this is not the longest podcast i have ever listened to! I love long podcasts, especially when the hosts and guests are as interesting as y’all. (Sorry i’m done being a suckass now). Your synopsis for Digging up the Marrow kinda sounds like a spiritual sibling to Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (it’s a good thing,i love New Nightmare). Also I feel less guilty about disliking 11-11-11 now with all the new information, It’s a shame we can’t see a director’s cut of it. Though you could probably make a great movie about the making of the movie, i mean murderous cults, angry spirits, family secrets, witches, curses, occult sex parties, there’s EVERYTHING!

    I am grateful at how brutally honest you are about the film industry, it’ll definitely be helpful for the future (if i’m able to actually finish college before i’m 60).

    It was a great show.

    • Adam Green

      Thanks, and good luck finishing college! You can do it!

      • Jean-François Martel

        Thank you.

  • Really loved this podcast.
    Thanks for being so honest.
    Absolutely fascinating.

    All the best!

  • Ben

    This was the best podcast you guys have done. It was a very short three hour listen. I have been a fan of Darren Lynn Bousman’s work since Saw 2 whic remains my favorite film in the series. I also really loved Mother Day and was very upset when the film did not get a theatrical run. I had no idea what the guy had been through in the industry. It sure was a fascinating listen and like all Movie Crypt podcasts really opened my eyes to how business works in the Hollywood system.

  • Blobert Morechairs

    this podcast opened my eyes to torrent downloading. keep up the good work guys

  • Sheridan Nott

    Thanks for using my question in viewer mail. Sorry it taken so long to reply here on the comments. Darren has had a great/shocking/sad journey so far. Looking forward to the next projects. Hollywood Hero.

  • Werefon

    Since I was a kid I always loved Big Summer movies BUT now it seems they lost the spirit and fun. Basically every movie now has the same story. And more I watch independent stuff if all genres, I noticed that I get more excited for them.

    Independent movies now have a feel of 70’s and 80’s cool films.
    And seriously fuck the Transformers, Pirates and the rest of the shit. I need to see Apex by Bousman, Marrow by Green and cool action flick Everly by Lynch.

  • Dillon Graham

    With dvd stores sadly dwindling I was lucky to find these in an fye. I just started holliston and really related to it and found it hilarious. Usually what I do is go to my neighborhood library and take the movie out there and if I like it, seek out the dvd. I’m curious to know where that falls into your piracy stance. Is me renting it for free still bad? Sorry if it is would love to hear the answer on the movie crypt. Thanks for the laughs