The Movie Crypt: Ep. 35: Actress Brea Grant

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Adam and Joe are joined by actress Brea Grant (“Dexter,” “Heroes”) to discuss her unlikely path from Texas graduate student to Hollywood star, her work as a comic book writer/creator (“We Will Bury You”), and her experiences directing her first feature film. The audition process, set etiquette, film festivals, and “how to get a comic book made” are all covered and after learning about Brea’s early beginnings we just know you’ll agree that she just may be one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet. Your “Viewer Mail” is answered, “5 Minute Movie” happens, homemade vegan pumpkin muffins are eaten, and a whole lot of fun takes place in this latest episode of THE MOVIE CRYPT.

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  • Ben

    I have been in love with Brea Grant for a long time and now I am even more in love. She is both adorable and hot. This was a very fun podcast and it was so cool listening to how Brea got cast in Hero’s and what she is working on now. Loved her in Rob Zombie’s H2, Midnight Movie and Dexter. I am going to look into checking out her comic book “We Will Bury You” I heard about Holliston Season 2 coming out in April, a week before my birthday. I was super psyched because I love the show. I hope they use all the special features you guys put together. That would be BS if they didn’t. I will also make sure to buy though ariescope. You guys are the best

    • Adam Green

      Thanks, Ben!

  • Helen Backk

    I have an older TV and I can’t even hook up a blu ray player to it..I asked my son to buy me Holliston season 2 ..I guess I won’t be able to watch it. 🙁 I don’t like watching on my small computer screen.

    • Adam Green

      Hopefully Image Entertainment winds up deciding to do a DVD set but as Blu Ray is so quickly becoming the norm and sells better, so far they’ve only committed to Blu Ray unfortunately. Eventually Season 2 will be offered on Hulu and Netflix- just no idea when that will be.

  • GREAT podcast. Always so fascinating learning how it REALLY is out there.

  • Another great episode, guys. Big fan of Brea Grant, her movie Best Friends Forever was amazing.

  • Sheridan Nott

    Another of my questions got used!! and this time a reply from the lovely Brea. Simply the best. Thanks!