The Movie Crypt: Ep. 42: Actress Corri English

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Actress and singer Corri English (HOLLISTON, UNREST) joins Adam and Joe for a fantastic conversation about Corri’s early beginnings as a child TV host and voiceover actress, why it’s important to have more than one creative outlet, what it’s like to pack your bags and move to LA with no job or exact plan in place, the effect that success can have on friendships, the awkwardness of filming love scenes, going overseas to perform for our military with her country rock band “Brokedown Cadillac”, how Adam and Corri handle the common fan misconception that they are actually together romantically in real life and not just on TV, and how to balance motherhood and career while working in such a demanding industry. Of course Adam, Joe, and Corri go way in-depth with behind the scenes stories about the making of HOLLISTON and they also give the most comprehensive and candid details about what exactly is happening with a third season and what the future of the show may or may not hold for the characters. (Warning: SPOILERS!) Together they answer your “Viewer Mail”, they take part in an exceptional “5 Minute Movie” that involves breakfast cereal, and they even leave you with one of Corri’s most beautiful songs.

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  • Adam Green

    Huge thank you to Corri and her band Brokedown Cadillac for providing us with their song “Can You Hear Me” for the end of this episode. Love Corri’s music as much as we do? Support a great band (and a new mother!!) by buying their album “Somewhere In America” on iTunes:

  • Shawn Joyce

    Great episode! Corri is a sweetheart and 5 minute movie touched my soul.

  • Shad Youngblood

    Another awesome episode. I’m glad you liked the 3LI pic! It was great hearing about Corri’s past. She had already done a ton of stuff before coming to Hollywood. I can only imagine how frustrating all the delays with Holliston are to you. Best of luck finding an outlet to continue the series. I’ll be thrilled when it finally arrives!

    • Adam Green

      Thanks, Shad!

  • Guest

    Love this one with Cory! xoxoxo

  • Helen Backk

    Love this one with Corri! xoxox

  • Chicken Fingers

    Dude. So glad you guys have made all these and that my friend showed me this. But dude, Adam, you frikin go on FOREVER in this one, If you want to talk the whole time, do a one without a guest? Love you guys