The Movie Crypt: Ep. 43: Ryan Kwanten

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Actor Ryan Kwanten (TRUE BLOOD’s “Jason Stackhouse”) joins Adam and Joe to discuss how he accidentally found his calling as an actor, what it was like starting out as a teenage actor in Australia, making the move across the globe to Los Angeles without a place to live and without knowing a single person, getting his big break playing one of TRUE BLOOD’s most beloved characters, why he still chooses to do short films and independent projects even though there is no pay, working on KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM and the TRUTH IN JOURNALISM short film that wowed San Diego Comic Con last summer, working with Sir Anthony Hopkins on the upcoming KIDNAPPING FREDDY HEINEKEN, and why it is so important to “just be you” in a land of make believe.  While your “Viewer Mail” is answered and the boys are called to task coming up with an outrageous “5 Minute Movie” based entirely on testicles… unfortunately ladies, Ryan never takes his shirt off. But hey, it’s a podcast and you only would have heard it happen anyway.

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  • ColinJ

    Fantastic episode. Kwanten is astoundingly good in TRUE BLOOD. I would never have imagined he would go so far watching him on HOME AND AWAY back in the day.

    Also, R.I.P. Dave Brockie; a tremendous artist and, by all accounts, an outstanding human being.

    • Adam Green

      Thanks, Colin.

  • Shad Youngblood

    Great to hear Ryan’s story.

    I was very sorry to hear about Dave. I met him last year in Orlando when all of you came to Spooky Empire. He was a great guy and will be missed by all.

    • Adam Green

      Thank you, Shad.