The Movie Crypt: Ep. 44: Sound Designer Matt Waters

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Emmy Award-winning sound designer and re-recording mixer Matt Waters (GAME OF THRONES, JACKASS, HOLLISTON) sits down with Adam and Joe for a discussion about the crucial and often times criminally overlooked aspect of cinematic storytelling that is sound design. Matt shares his personal story of how a guest speaker in college changed his entire life direction, what it means to truly make the most of an unpaid internship, just why a film or television show’s sound design and final mix can literally make or break the story itself, why Matt feels it is imperative to relocate to Los Angeles for a shot at a career in feature film and television series post-production sound, what it’s like to be nominated for an Emmy and actually win, why Matt continues to work on independent projects even after becoming one of Hollywood’s top post-sound artists, and you’ll even learn how the original Robocop’s high tech robotic sounds were created from a simple household electronic appliance!  The boys also construct an extremely “fishy” zombie themed “5 Minute Movie” based on a famous ghost hunter’s last tweet.  Whether you’re a serious movie fan who wants to know it all or an aspiring filmmaker looking to learn it all, this episode unabashedly dives deep behind the sound curtain and provides terrific insight to a highly accomplished and brilliantly talented artist who has worked on the full spectrum of genres including more recognizable titles than the boys could possibly name-check in one 2-hour episode.

[Note: This episode was recorded on Monday, March 24th, less than 24 hours after the passing of Adam and Joe’s dear friend, HOLLISTON co-star, and previous Movie Crypt guest Dave (“Oderus Urungus”) Brockie.  Though the boys stoically hold themselves together as they briefly address their tragic loss in the first few minutes of this episode, it is important to note that they will be recording a proper tribute to the late Brockie at a time when they are better prepared to do so. As explained, the specific details of Dave’s death were not known at the time of this recording and the boys were still in complete shock over losing their close friend.  Therefore, rather than rush into a public discussion about their heartbreaking loss that would have mainly consisted of confused speculation and highly emotional scattered thoughts, the difficult decision was made to hold off on talking about it for the time being and instead, “go on with the show” leaning entirely on their skills as professional performers.  As open and honest as the boys are always willing to be on this podcast, we thank you for respecting that their initial grieving process is something highly personal and private to be shared only with their own families, their closest of friends, and their fellow HOLLISTON family members.  Both Adam and Joe understand and appreciate that there are legions of HOLLISTON and GWAR fans in mourning, waiting for some kind of answers, and looking for them to offer their words about this tragic loss and they will do so when the time is right.  In the meantime, we highly recommend that you go back and listen to Episode 11 again where Adam interviewed Dave at San Diego Comic-Con.  The episode provides remarkably candid insight into the incredible artist and personality that was Dave Brockie.  Our respect and gratitude to Matt Waters (who also knew Brockie through his work with him on HOLLISTON) for sticking to and taking part in this scheduled recording during such a difficult time for all who were blessed to have known and created with Dave.]

Hail Oderus, listen to GWAR, and follow The Movie Crypt (@MovieCrypt), Adam (@Adam_Fn_Green), and Joe (@TheJoeLynch) on Twitter.

  • Ben

    Hello Adam & Joe,

    I am so sorry for the loss of Dave Brockie. I was in shock when I read that he had died. Dave was awesome and I really was getting into GWAR because of how much I loved Oderus on the show. My heart goes out to you both, the cast Holliston and Dave’s Band Mates / Family.

    • Adam Green

      Thank you, Ben.

  • Ben

    Great podcast. Matt Waters was a terrific guest. What a resume that guy has. I had no idea. Really looking forward to next weeks. Best to you guys.

  • Shad Youngblood

    This was an episode that did not leave me “DISAPPOINTED”. May I suggest calling it the “Cloud City” club? Since you were probably on cloud nine for several reason. I’m looking forward to the Dave Brockie episode.

  • Shad Youngblood

    This was an episode that did not leave me “DISAPPOINTED”. May I suggest calling it the “Cloud City” club? Since you were probably on cloud
    nine for several reasons. I’m looking forward to the Dave Brockie episode. I hope this posts this time, the site is eating comments tonight.