The Movie Crypt: Ep. 45: Dave Brockie Tribute Special

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On Sunday March 23rd, the world lost a music industry icon and one of the most outlandish and unique entertainers of all time, Dave Brockie. Listen as Adam and Joe say goodbye to their beloved friend (known as “Oderus Urungus” to GWAR and HOLLISTON fans worldwide) and celebrate Dave’s extraordinary life both as a pioneering artist and as an incredible human being. Including recorded messages from Dave’s friends and his fellow HOLLISTON cast and crew, this very special episode of THE MOVIE CRYPT pays tribute to the man, the musician, the actor, and the performer behind the hilarity and absurdity. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to Dave’s family, to his friends, to GWAR, to HOLLISTON, to the Bohabs, and to the Holliston Nation.

For more on Dave Brockie we also recommend listening to Episode 11 of THE MOVIE CRYPT where Adam conducted an extensive and deeply personal interview with Dave at last summer’s San Diego Comic Con:

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  • Hellsing1313

    Great Tribute Guys! Joe….I can’t believe that you got dicked on Citizen Toxie, that sucks. Dave would have been an awesomely badass Toxie!!!!

  • Hellsing1313

    I gotta admit…..Dave’s message at the end of the episode, hit me hard……..A Very Heartfelt and Great tribute to Dave Brockie, Guys. Hearing all the stories was great and know that my prayers and condolences go out to you, the Holliston family, the Gwar Family, and his family & friends. Dave will be forever missed.

  • Lonny Amendolea

    Thank you so much for this Adam and Joe. I didnt get into GWAR until 96, and didnt get to see them in concert until 99. I have been to 31 concerts since then and have gotten to become friends with Dave, and the rest of the band in the process. This was a hard blow to anyone who knew him, and some of us are still trying to find ways to deal with it. I know exactly what you mean about the mood changes. I went from crying listening to Churchmouse In The Snow and The Road Behind, to laughing my ass off watching him read Goodnight Moon and a Holliston marathon. As you can see in my profile pic, one of the few times he broke character on stage, he took time out to show me some love…….LOL. I really hope I have a chance to meet you guys at the GBQ, maybe get you to hold a sign too =) We all deal in different ways, and we will all get through it, but its a rough road. I hope there is a Season 3, I am very patiently waiting to see more Laura………ummm, I mean more of you guys, yeah, thats it. Take your time, figure out what you think your best options are, and go from there. I think you should shove Derks in your closet……..LOL. RIP to the greatest scumdog to ever live. We love you man, and we always will!

  • ColinJ

    Terrific episode, guys.

    And I think Joe should do a whole podcast of Troma stories. It sounds like he has some doozies . Maybe even get James Gunn on trade war stories.

  • jasonlives314

    I don’t know what to say other than you all have my deepest and most sincere condolences. Having met the entire cast of Holliston at Horrorhound Cincinnati last year, Adam and Dave on multiple occasions….I can honestly say the world has lost a true artist and wonderful human being. Adam and Joe have always been great to chat with just hanging outside the hotel or randomly walking the con floors. Everyone in the cast is incredibly warm, humble and personable and Dave was no exception. He was one of the funniest and friendliest “celebrities” I’ve had the good fortune of meeting. It made me smile to hear about Steve Niles as well. I’ve been a fan of Steve’s work for years and I was also fortunate enough to meet him at an art gallery and release party for 44Flood’s TOME project in Chicago last April and he is an amazingly nice guy as well. I would have loved to see the project he and Dave were planning. It’s amazing how many kindred spirits are out there in this crazy world and I love hearing these sort of cross-pollination stories…..even if it’s a project that “could have been”.

  • Sam Poling

    mike derks as balsac should take dave’s place in the closet. it makes a lot of sense and he could offhand explain why oderus cant help with your human shit anymore. the more i hear you guys talk about him the more i wish i got to meet him.

  • Shad Youngblood

    Thanks for the tribute to an amazing guy. My friends and I will never forget seeing him (and all of you) in Orlando. One of the best parts was watching people who weren’t there for the convention, but were at the hotel, see Oderus outside smoking. He looked a kid about 10 and said “This is what smoking does to you”. I’m pretty sure that kid will never smoke. He may be gone but he will never be forgotten.

  • Adam Green

    HOLLISTON’s video tribute to Dave Brockie:

    • brad the impaler

      That voicemail punched me in the gut

  • Ben

    Amazing episode guys. Very heartfelt with lots of amazing stories of the late great Dave Brockie. I love the story about Hayden Panettiere at the GWAR show. That was hilarious. Love going out with the voice mail you saved from Dave. Dave seemed so awesome. You guys are all in my thoughts during this difficult time.

  • Helen Backk

    By far the best Movie Crypt podcast!.Again, so sorry for your loss Adam, Joe, Laura and Corri. Dave we will all miss you… xoxoxo

  • DoomGuy

    Great tribute to Mr Brockie. Very emotional in parts but also very entertaining.