True Blood Recap & Review: S7 E2: “I Found You”

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Wait, now who had sex? Ooh! Join Jenna Busch (@JennaBusch), Ryan Turek (@_RyanTurek), Kristyn Burtt (@KristynBurtt) and special guest David Blue (@DavidBlue) on our recap & review of “True Blood” Season 7, episode 2, “I Found You.”

  • Dale Baines

    Hi guys, love the dynamic of the four of you! Just wish you were recapping for a show I love (Bates Motel, Hannibal…why don’t you have a recap for those shows or even Walking Dead???) rather than True Blood which I gave up on two years ago! But I will still listen for s**ts and giggles just to hear how this poor trainwreck of a show ends (TB, I mean, not you guys). Just one thing: David, if you return next week (which I hope you will) please speak louder and closer to the mic! I can’t pump up the volume because Jenna’s pretty crystal clear voice sometimes blows out my eardrums (I say that with all sincerity and no hate whatsoever!), so please raise your volume cuz I don’t want to miss any of your cool words. Btw, loved it at the end when you guys started wandering into other topics like current movies (I agree, Transformers’ success makes me so so sad). Sorry for the rambling; keep up the good work! Loved the GoT podcast and now I’m already loving this one!

    • Hey Dale! I’m so glad you like the podcast! And believe me, my mom got a huge laugh out of the blowing of the eardrums thing! 🙂 She always jokes about that!!!

    • Romina Jones

      So true, I gave up two years ago too. It sounds like it’s just kept on
      going downhill. I like the podcast, fun crew and will look for the GOT

    • AMP

      Yes, very true. TB went downhill fast after AB left. Last season ended sooo badly I’m skipping it this summer. This podcast is fun just to keep up, it was one of my favs in the old days. I’d like to see how it ends. GOT reviews are pretty good on here too.

      • I’m so glad you like it!!! I’ll be doing Doctor Who starting in August as well! 🙂

    • Thanks! *cough*feel free to listen to my podcast ‘Out of the Blue’ as well*cough*.

  • Tosha Cook Ncics

    Don’t 4get that #newjames also plays a werewolf on the Originals which I think is very cool to see him play a vampire on one show and werewolf on another. I too also love the Podcasts that you all do. I started listening this year to GoT’s podcast so thank you so much for taking time out to give your reviews on some of these shows.

    • I think he did a good job on Originals. Though it’s weird to see him here as a vamp. Between the two shows, he’s like a hybrid!

  • Khaleesi

    This is the first time I’ve ever listened to one of y’all’s podcasts and it had me rolling on the floor with laughter. I feel like I’m listening to my friends talk and it’s great. True Blood really has gone downhill and at this point I’m doing a bit of hate-watching. I’m excited to listen to mroe podcasts and go on this journey with you guys!!!

  • Justin Duarte

    I get the vibe that you guys watch True Blood for action or thrills, the show began as a character driven drama. The first season was about these characters dealing with each other and new things entering their worlds. Personally I loved the flashback, it filled me with nostalgia, and you have to remember those that arent as hardcore as us saw that scene with bill and her 7 years ago..gotta remind folk once in a while of small things that might get lost. Anywho..I thought it was a sweet scene that is the jumping off point to their reunion.

    • I don’t know about the rest of them, but I watch it for the characters. That’s why I was mainly disappointed. They seem to be losing sight of the characters they created and instead focusing on manufacturing moments and drama that don’t make sense!

      I guess a flashback is nice for nostalgia sake, but even if you don’t remember it clearly, did you need to be reminded that it happened? I mean, I don’t think any of us forgot how Sookie fell for Bill at the beginning, and how great they were together. That feeling was still there. I would’ve preferred that extra 30 seconds be spent on Alcide and Sookie’s current relationship. Or on Sookie dealing with her feelings. Rather than just re-airing what we’ve already seen. Know what I mean?

  • Justin Duarte

    And just FYI, they didnt show us Tara’s death because there’s more to it than has been revealed thus far. If you saw the death, there’d be no surprise as how how she died or who in fact killed her..there’s a pretty big hint for ya