True Blood Recap & Review: S7 E5: “Lost Cause”

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Join Jenna Busch (@JennaBusch), Kristyn Burtt (@KristynBurtt), and special guest “True Blood” composer Nathan Barr (@composerbarr) as they recap & review Season 7, episode 5 “Lost Cause.” Aw, Bill!

  • Trevor Sanders

    The flashbacks seemed really out of place for this episode. We have had how many civil war flashbacks over the years? This is the first time I can remember seeing Bill object to the war. I think it fits with his character, but this flashback should have been one of the first we were shown, not something that is tagged on at the very end of the series. It felt like a cheap ploy to bring the audience back on team Bill after he was so horrible the last 2 seasons.