Why’s Everyone Looking at Me: Episode 54: Christine Wiseman

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This week on “Why’s Everyone Looking At Me?” we sit down with our good friend Christine Wiseman. Christine is the head bartender at Breakroom 86 owned by Houston Hospitality. Christine is one of the most creative mixologists we know. She created the entire drink menu at Breakroom 86 which all are very refreshing, full of flavor, and have names like “The Flirty” and “Saucy”. When all the specialty drinks are ordered together they line up next to each other very beautifully as they are all color assorted reminding us of Voltron coming together for a greater good. These drinks won’t make you the defender of the universe but if you drink enough they will make you think you could be. We discuss all this along with where she got started, her crazy adventures traveling as a guest bartender to different locations, and what’s next for this mix drink slinger extraordinaire on this week’s #WELAM