Why’s Everyone Looking at Me: Episode 58: DJ C-Minus

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This week on “Why’s Everyone Looking At Me?” we sit down with DJ C-Minus. C-Minus was born and raised in Bakersfield Ca and became a world renown DJ on the airwaves of Power 106 in Los Angeles Ca as part of the Fantastik 4our with J Rocc, Mr. Choc, and Truly Odd. The Fantastik 4our were known for breaking underground HipHop records on a mainstream format. C-Minus has toured with bands such as Korn and Foo Fighters. He is a very diverse DJ with a keen 6th sense for vinyl digging and recognizing diamonds in the rough such as breaks in the middle of a track. We talk with C-Minus about growing up in Bakersfield, moving to LA, Power 106, Fantastik 4our, touring with Korn, B-Real TV, vinyl collecting, and what’s next for this originator of DJ styles & music trends on this week’s #WELAM