Poll Gets It Totally Wrong: Says ‘Die Hard’ Isn’t A Christmas Movie

By December 23, 2015

I have a stance, dammit and I hold strong to it. Saying Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie? Well you might as well try telling Kevin Bacon dancing’s illegal.

Some website called PublicPolicyPolling.com decided to ask 1,267 people by phone and in person whether they considered the Bruce Willis classic to be a Christmas movie and now websites are acting like this is the final say. My sincerely adult and well thought out response? Pfffttt….

The results are totally laughable as 62% of these “human beings” said they did NOT consider Die Hard a Christmas Movie. Only 13%  saw the truth and 25% of honest (but clueless) people said they weren’t sure. You people need to make a choice. Fight or be killed. This is our Independence Day. What am I talking about at this point?

Where did they find these people? We don’t know who they polled. For all we know they only asked audiences walking out of Alvin and the Chipmunks screenings. Those people obviously are on a quest to be wrong in life and a penchant for pain. I mean, sure. Ask my great Aunt Lucille if she thinks Die Hard is a Christmas movie and she’ll call me a devil worshiper but shes 102 and thinks X-Men is a porno. You can’t trust these people!

You must leave these things in the hands of capable movie geeks to decide such importance. In this case “Hans, bubby. I’m your white knight.” 

Die Hard is a Christmas movie. I’d bet the whole Nakatomi Plaza on it. If you don’t know what that is? You can’t vote, bubby. What do you guys think? I trust your opinions. Not this Mr. Mystery guest…..

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Mike Holtz
Mike Holtz is just a guy looking for any excuse to talk movies and needs to be able to give people a legitimate reason to spend what they spend on popcorn each month. The Dad to a superhero little girl with another on the way, Mike's also written for a few cool websites and talked for a few more. Also, Mike cries like a school girl every time he watches 'Rocky.'
  • Adam B Kaufman

    TOTALLY a Christmas movie!

  • Hendy Suz

    Im with you man, Die Hard is TOTALLY a Christmas movie… !!! Best one there is!

  • Genghis.Tucker

    It is the only Christmas movie I watch every year.

  • Michael Richter

    Definitely a Christmas movie, same goes for part 2

  • Jeremiah Jones

    I watch Die Hard every year on Christmas Eve before going to bed. Been doing it for a decade now and it’s the only Christmas movie I watch.

  • Gwenivere

    Next, they’re going to tell me that Batman Returns isn’t a Christmas movie.

  • Grant

    This annoys me!!! It is a Christmas film dam it!!! Die hard 1&2 both are, 3 or more of the following things justify a movie as an Xmas movie.

    1. At any point set around Christmas time
    2. Decorations and a tree clearly can be seen
    3. Xmas music played or sung by characters
    4. Christmas office party
    5. A snowman can be seen
    6. Snow and lots of it
    7. A santa can clearly be seen

  • Dorie Byers

    Absolutely a Christmas movie!