Possible Storyline Details Emerge For Solo ‘Batman’ Film [SPOILERS]

By October 30, 2015

As Warner Bros. and DC are set to kick the DCEU into high gear with the release of next year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. This will be the first time that the two heavyweights go against one another on the big screen, and if the trailer is anything to go by, it’s going to be epic.

One of the more puzzling things, however, is that when the studio announced its film slate for the next 5 years, neither a solo Superman nor a solo Batman film was on their list. Sure, their two biggest characters would be included in their Justice League films, but the fact that neither seems to be getting a solo anytime soon is really kind of bizarre. That hasn’t stopped the interwebz from buzzing about the characters however, with rumors and speculation running rampant about what and when we could possibly see them in solo action.

It’s been rumored that Ben Affleck and Geoff John’s are currently writing a script for a Batman solo flick, and Affleck has expressed interest in directing the film. (Although no final decision on that has been made, in that regard, at least that we know of. But let’s face it, if Ben Affleck wants to direct your Batman film, you let Ben Affleck direct your Batman film!) Joblo.com is now reporting that they may know just what we’re going to see in the newest Batman film.

At this time, this is all rumor and speculation, but if you don’t want to be spoiled at all, I suggest that you don’t read any further. It is possible that some of this may end up happening, so you’ve been warned!

Still with me? Good…

So, it appears that the studio is looking to the comic book arcs, ‘A Death In The Family’ and ‘Under The Hood’ as inspiration and that Red Hood will play a pivotal role in the universe. For those that don’t know, Red Hood is actually a resurrected (via the Lazarus Pits) Jason Todd. In the comics Todd was killed by Joker in ‘A Death In The Family’ and then resurrected, becoming Red hood, as sort of vigilante/villain/hero hybrid. Earlier this year, Latino Review reported that Red Hood was a priority character over at Warner Bros., so this line of storytelling would make sense. That means the main villains in the film would then be Red Hood and the Joker.

But then, what does this mean for Robin/Dick Grayson? According to the report, Jason Todd will in fact be the second Robin, with Dick Grayson already having moved on to become Nightwing (who will be referenced but not seen in Batman v Superman, if sources are correct!). Nightwing will make an appearance in the solo Batman film, as he teams up with Bats to take down the villains.

I like this idea and to me this makes complete sense, since this version of Batman is the older, weathered, retired version at the start of all of this. Dick has moved on and, if this rumor pans out, then that is definitely Jason Todd’s Robin suit that Bruce Wayne has immortalized in the Batcave. You know, the one that the Joker tauntingly scrawled on. Yup, looks kind of legit to me. It’s nice when the pieces seemingly all come together. I am excited for the WB to get this universe going, as these characters are too iconic to not have their moment in the comic book movie obsessed spotlight that is today.

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice is set for release on March 25, 2016.

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  • E Chu Ta

    Never been a fan of Robin or Nightwing. Not my comic though. I should write my own.

    • Erin Parisien

      Sidekicks in general are a little bit meh… at least this seems like an interesting, and rather cinematic storyline to develop.