Producer Chris Moore Has Big Ideas About How to Change the Hollywood Landscape

By July 22, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to sit down with producer Chris Moore (Good Will Hunting, “Project Greenlight,” American Pie, Waiting…) for an interview. We talked about his new Starz series “The Chair,” a reality series following two directors filming the same script, but we also ended up talking a lot about what he learned from “Project Greenlight,” about some of the film’s he’s produced, and about the future of the American Pie franchise. You can check out that interview below:

But arguably some of the most interesting stuff happened after the traditional interview was over. Mr. Moore was extremely generous with his time and offered to answer a few more questions if we had any, and our own Clare Kramer asked him to expand a bit on some of his ideas about the future of producing and how the business can change. For those of you who closely follow the entertainment industry, or are fascinated with the behind-the-scenes world of putting a movie together, this bonus content is a must-watch.

Thanks again to Chris Moore for giving us some extra time, and be sure to check out “The Chair” when it debuts on Starz on September 6th at 11pm.

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