‘Prometheus 2’ Heading to the Big Screen in 2016

By March 25, 2014

Back in 2012, as Ridley Scott’s Prometheus was entering theaters and causing arguments and discussions among sci-fi fans everywhere, there were talks of a sequel. But because Scott’s quasi-prequel to Alien didn’t exactly set Hollywood on fire, we haven’t heard much about that proposed sequel since. But that doesn’t mean that Scott isn’t still interested in returning to that universe – in fact, a new report indicates that Fox’s mystery project that the studio recently slotted for March 4th, 2016, is going to be Prometheus 2.

Jack Paglen (Transcendence) was initially on board to write the screenplay for the sequel, but The Wrap says that Michael Green will rewrite that draft, and his revisions will reportedly feature multiple roles for Michael Fassbender, indicating that wherever he and Noomi Rapace flew away to at the end of the first film, there are more Davids to be found at their destination. Green created the short-lived NBC series “Kings” and has written for “Heroes” and “Sex in the City,” but perhaps his most famous screen credit is as one of four writers of the Ryan Reynolds-starring Green Lantern film. Can we blame Green for the way that film turned out? Probably not (at least not fairly), so we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and see what he can do when it comes to a Prometheus sequel.

Prometheus ship

It should also be noted that Green wrote the Blade Runner sequel that Scott has been itching to make for the past couple of years, and that Prometheus co-writer Damon Lindleof’s name is nowhere to be seen in talks of the sequel. That’s not surprising, considering how much crap Lindelof took on Twitter from the angry sci-fi fan hivemind for his work on the screenplay (which, combined with the crap he’s taken over the years from the “Lost” finale, is part of why he left Twitter altogether). I’m kind of glad he’s not involved – not because I don’t like him, but because now if Prometheus 2 sucks, those same fans who were up in arms about how much they didn’t like Prometheus might have to reconsider their feelings toward Lindelof.

Production on the sequel is supposedly going to begin this fall, and this one will have a more “Alien-y” tone than the first film. Now that the stage is set for what will eventually become the aliens we know from the initial franchise, it’ll be interesting to see if the xenomorphs play a larger role in this film than they did in the last one. And what about all of those Davids? I’m intrigued, if not for Green being brought on board, then because Scott is coming back to direct. Say what you will about Prometheus, but it was one of the most visually stunning films of 2012, and I’m stoked that Scott will return to that futuristic world. We already know he can direct the hell out of a sci-fi film, so now all he needs is a great script. Let’s hope Green can give that to him.

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