‘Prometheus 2’ Will Begin Shooting This January

By August 3, 2015

After it was released in 2012, Ridley Scott’s Prometheus — his first science fiction film since the now-legendary 1982 release Blade Runner — was a somewhat polarizing release among fans of the Alien franchise. By serving essentially as a prequel to the original Alien that Scott directed in 1979, fans hoping for some greater insight into the creation of the Xenomorphs were instead given a look at the formation of humanity by the mysterious “engineers,” the same beings that piloted the mysterious ship that the crew of the Nostromo discovered in Alien.

While Scott has been talking about the development of a sequel since the release of Prometheus, nothing has really come to fruition in the last few years outside of speculation regarding the film’s script, and when it might go into production. Now, though, we may know exactly when the film will go in front of the camera. According to an interview with Total Film magazine (via Scifed.com), Scott let it slip that the sequel to Prometheus will start shooting pretty soon, in January 2016. Telling the magazine, “I’ve got back into the sci-fi thing, I kind of adore it,” the reported January start date for the film seems to indicate it as a priority for both 20th Century Fox and Scott himself.

In addition to producing and directing the Prometheus sequel — which is also believed to take place before the events of the first Alien film — Scott will also act as a producer on the upcoming fifth Alien film, directed by Neill Blomkamp. That film is believed to feature the return of Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley in some way, shape, or form, even though Blomkamp has gone on record saying that he won’t be trying to ignore the events of David Fincher’s Alien 3 (which featured Ripley’s death), or Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Alien: Resurrection (which featured an alien/human hybrid clone of Ripley). The only other stated relationship between the second Prometheus film and the fifth Alien film is that the latter will take place sometime after Scott’s planned sequel.

For more on the upcoming sequels in the world of Alien, keep it locked on GeekNation, since we’ll be keeping a close eye on news of the franchise!

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