PS4 Sets A Release Date

By August 20, 2013

During their annual media briefing at Gamescom in Germany, PlayStation Group’s CEO/president Andrew House let the world know when the PS4 would hit shelves or (if pre-ordered) customers’ front door.

But let’s put a pin in that for a minute…

If you remember, back in February when Sony gave a very vague “unveiling” of their PS4, we learned more about the console’s tech specs (high-end GPU and 8-core CPU on the same die with 8 gigs of DDR5 RAM (double data rate) and will “lean heavily on the computational power of the GPU itself”), headphone jack (FINALLY) for the Dualshock 4 controller, and a stereo camera (to sense depth of objects and opportunity for multi-casting gameplay sessions through UStream). Plus, there was talk of remote play using the PS Vita and unrestricted access to pre-owned games.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any backwards compatibility with PS3 games – this is still a sore point with some, though emulation’s still a possibility – BUT Sony’s also unveiled a program with Ubisoft, Warner Bros., EA and Activision that allows gamers who bought a title for PS3 to upgrade to a digital copy of the PS4 version at a pretty huge discount. As House himself said, “We see this as a way to reward PS3 gamers for their loyalty.”

If you’re REALLY into tech specs, here you go (thanks to Tech Radar!)


  • CPU: low power x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores
  • GPU: 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon™ Graphics Core Next engine
  • Memory: GDDR5 8GB
  • Hard Disk Drive: Built –in
  • Optical Drive (Read only): BD 6xCAV, DVD 8xCAV
  • I/O: Super-Speed USB (USB 3.0), AUX
  • Communication: Ethernet, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth® 2.1 (EDR)
  • AV output: HDMI, Analog-AV out, Digital Output (optical)

DualShock 4:

  • External Dimensions: Approx. 162mm x 52mm x 98mm
  • Weight: Approx. 210g (tentative)
  • Buttons: PS button, SHARE button, OPTIONS button, Directional buttons (Up/Down/Left/Right), Action buttons (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square), R1/L1/R2/L2/R3/L3, Right stick, Left stick, Touch Pad Button, Touch Pad 2 Point Touch Pad, Click Mechanism, Capacitive Type
  • Other Features: Light Bar, Vibration, Built-in Mono Speaker
  • Ports: USB (Micro B), Extention Port, Stereo Headset Jack
  • Wireless communication: Bluetooth® Ver2.1+EDR

PS4 camera:

  • External Dimension: Approx. 186mm x 27mm x 27mm
  • Weight: Approx. 183g
  • Video Pixel: (Maximum) 1280 x 800 pixel x 2
  • Video Frame Rate: 1280×800 pixel @ 60fps, 640×400 pixel @ 120fps, 320×192 pixel @ 240fps
  • Video Format: RAW, YUV (uncompressed)
  • Lens: Dual Lenses, F value/F2.0 fixed focus
  • Field-of-View: 85 degrees
  • Microphone: 4 Channel Microphone Array
  • Connection Type: PS4 dedicated connector (AUX connector)
  • Cable Length: Approx. 2m (tentative)

As far as game titles available at launch, there’s a quite a few nice ones that include Diablo III, Driveclub, Final Fantasy, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, and Watch DogsInfamous: Second SonDeep Down, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and Destiny will be hitting sometime in 2014.

“SO WHEN’S IT COMING OUT?!” you ask.

First of all, calm down. Secondly, the PS4 will hit shelves this November 15th in the U.S. ($399) and November 29th in Europe (349 Euros).

So, whaddya think? Sound off in the comments below!

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