Rashida Jones, Rob Lowe & Jon Hamm Return to ‘Parks & Recreation’ for Final Season

By November 21, 2014

Fans were undoubtedly bummed when “Parks & Recreation” series regulars Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe left the show in the middle of last season. But the good news is that the happy couple will be back for show’s upcoming final season.

TV Line has learned that Lowe and Jones will be back as Chris Traeger and Ann Perkins for the farewell season of the fan favorite series. The two were on a wishlist of previous cast members that executive producer Mike Schur hoped to get back for just one more appearance, so we’re glad they were available to return. However, it’s not clear if they will appear in more than one episode or not.

Schur did indicate that they couldn’t get everyone back that they had their eye on, saying, “We made a list of people that we needed to see back one more time. We didn’t get everybody we wanted, because some people had other obligations. But a lot of the people we were hoping to see one more time — we managed to make that happen.” We just wonder who wasn’t able to make it back for the final season.

Parks and Recreation - Jon Hamm

Another name who will be returning is a cast member who has only appeared once on the show, and it was only for a brief, hilarious moment in last season’s “West Wing”-style flash forward. That name is Jon Hamm. You may remember that Hamm showed up as an incompetent employee named Ed working for Leslie (Amy Poehler) and he ended up getting fired without any argument or sadness.

After his appearance on the season finale, Schur said, “If I have my way, every episode where you see events that take place before that moment — which, who knows how many that will be? — will include a shot of him doing something insanely incompetent.” EW says Hamm will be back in some capacity, and we can’t wait to see what he does.

And since it’s the final season, we’re betting there will be a lot of heartfelt farewells to supporting players and even some of the series regulars, but as of now, we’re not entirely sure what the new season has in store, or when it will premiere. One of my wishes would be for Paul Schneider to come back just one more time as Mark Brendanawicz, who left the show after the second season, but I just don’t know if that’s in the cards. Hopefully we’ll hear more sooner than later.

Do you have any wishes for the final season of “Parks & Recreation” in your mind?

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