‘Ray Donovan’ Recap: “A Mouth Is A Mouth”

By July 8, 2013

Tommy’s sex addiction continues to threaten his career; meanwhile, Mickey gets closer to Ray’s family.

With Ray still out of the house, Mickey and Abby take the kids to Malibu. Mickey gives Conor some unsolicited sex advice, and gives Abby money to buy herself some sexy lingerie.

Ray cleans off the baseball bat he used to bludgeon Ashley’s stalker. He takes Terry to the doctor’s office; the nurse admires Terry’s muscular physique as she gives him a shot. Ray drops Terry back off at the gym and chides Bunchy for falling off the wagon again.

Drexler calls Ray into his office and demands that he make amends with Stu Feldman. Ezra pulls him out of the meeting; there’s been a break-in at Sean Stevens’ house, and Mickey left behind a souvenir. Twenty years earlier, while high on Mickey’s cocaine, Sean shot Ray’s girlfriend, and together they conspired to send Mickey to prison.

In the middle of a group session at rehab, Tommy receives a video text. A transgender prostitute has footage of them sleeping together. He calls Ray, who tells him to find out the Chloe (the transwoman)’s demands. Ray meets her in a cafe; she wants a million dollars so that she can procure a sex change.

Lena tells Ray that his kids never went to school that day, and Ray calls Conor. Despite Abby’s attempts to keep Mickey’s involvement secret from Ray, Mickey takes the phone. Furious, Ray grabs the gun from his trunk; Ari disarms him and talks him out of shooting his father.

They bust into the apartment Chloe shares with several other prostitutes, and Ari takes the evidence. Ray confronts Chloe, demanding to know if there are any more copies of the film. Afterward, Ray pays Stu a visit. Rather than apologizing, he demands that Stu pay the fee to stop the blackmailer from releasing the video of Tommy, as Stu has a vested interested in the success of his film. Ray sends Chloe enough money to cover her operation, and pockets the rest.

Bridget wants more pictures of her family for her family tree project, so the entire family stops at the gym. Abby meets Darryl, but isn’t yet ready to introduce him to the kids. That night, Ray pays Mickey a visit, threatening him and once again demanding he stay away from his family.

That evening, Ray looks at the footage from Sean’s security camera. Darryl broke into Sean’s house, with Mickey serving as the getaway driver. Ari beats Darryl up and staples a picture to his chest: the very picture he left at Sean’s.

Bridget adds a picture of her grandfather to the family tree. Conor shares an instant message conversation with Tommy. Abby sits alone on the couch, waiting for her husband…who never comes home. Ray is still at his apartment, smiling at a fax; Mickey did, indeed, kill the priest who raped his brother.