‘Ray Donovan’ Recap: “Black Cadillac”

By July 22, 2013

It isn’t easy for Ray Donovan to take the day off…especially when a warrant’s been issued for his father’s arrest.

As Ray accompanies his wife and children to a private school for ‘family day,’ Avi follows Mickey, Bunchy, and Darryl out of town. They pay a visit to Darryl’s mother, Claudette, and her current husband. From the moment they make eye contact, it’s obvious that Claudette and Mickey are still in love…and that Mickey isn’t particularly concerned with the fact that she’s married to another man.

At Bel Air Academy, Ray runs into Stu Feldman. Stu apologizes to Abby for taking his anger and guilt out on her, and demands that his son, Jamie, show Conor around the Academy. He asks Ray for help; Ashley’s been breaking into his house and leaving notes. Ray dismisses him; he’s taking the day off.

A day off, however, isn’t possible. Lena calls Ray with an emergency; they’ve bugged a woman’s room, and, in the midst of having sex with her lover, she’s discovered the microphones. Ray comes to remove them and, furious, the woman takes a swipe at him, scratching his face.

Claudette returns Mickey’s black cadillac to him, replete with a trunk full of porn. They dance in the garage, and he kisses her, but Claudette pulls away. Things have changed; they can’t be together.

Back at the Academy, Conor boasts to his would-be classmates about knowing Tommy Wheeler, and calls him on speaker phone. Tommy invites Conor over to his house for a movie, and Jamie accuses Tommy of being a pervert – and of Conor being his target. Jamie continues to bully him, until, fed up, Conor hits him on the back of the head. He lies to his mother and Stu, but when Ray questions him, he cops to it.

Terry has his first date with Frances, the nurse; Potato Pie cooks spaghetti for them. When Frances tells him how good it is, he can’t lie and pretend it’s his; he invites Potato Pie to join them on their date.

Mickey, Bunchy, and Darryl leave Claudette’s house, and go have a few drinks. At the end of the night, they drop Mickey off in a gay bar, where he dances, surrounded by hordes of men.

Ray gets a call from Avi; the warrant’s been pulled. Unbeknownst to them, Mickey’s got a federal agent on his side…a federal agent who isn’t happy he a) skipped town and b) killed a priest. But the agent has an agenda he needs Mickey’s help with: taking down Lee Drexler, Ezra Goodman…and Ray Donovan.