‘Ray Donovan’ Recap: “Bucky F**kin’ Dent”

By September 16, 2013


The past comes back to haunt Ray and his brothers; meanwhile, Mickey scrambles to cover his tracks.

Ray leaves Avi in charge of protecting Abby and the kids, and Abby couldn’t be more annoyed. She refuses to be a prisoner in her own house, and Avi reluctantly lets her leave (but gets stuck with babysitting duties). Connor, after hearing Avi’s stories about Mossad (Israeli special ops), decides he wants to become a Jew.


The LAPD pays a visit to Mickey, asking for his whereabouts the night before. He tells them that he was with a married woman…but it’s going to be very hard to get her to vouch for him (since she’s dead). So what’s an ex-con to do? Call his married ex-girlfriend, of course! Claudette comes running, still grateful to Mickey for helping her get out of Boston. She agrees to be his cover story, but disentangles herself from him as they dance their way toward the bed. Whatever feelings she still has for Mickey, she isn’t willing to throw away her relationship with her new husband.


Bunchy walks in on Terry and Frances fooling around in bed. He’s covered in blood; having tracked down Father O’Connor (the priest who raped him), Bunchy accidentally shot him. And, truly, it was an accident: Bunchy may be immensely screwed up, but he’s not a murderer. Frances puts pressure on the wound and tells them to call an ambulance; Terry says that they will as soon as everything is sorted out. She leaves reluctantly, and Darryl walks in not long after.


Ray calls Lena and asks her to clean up after Bunchy, She needs to find his bike (evidence) and make sure that there were no witnesses. Fortunately, there are none. Abby walks in and sees the bleeding priest. She sobers, realizing that he’s the man who molested Bunchy, and walks away.


Meanwhile, O’Connor continues to lie, claiming that he’s never seen any of them before. Bunchy begs him to apologize; finally O’Connor cops to being a child molester. But what he spews isn’t an apology; it’s one excuse after another. “Children are seductive,” he explains, putting gag reflexes everywhere to the test. He goes on to ask Bunchy for forgiveness without actually expressing any kind of remorse.


Apparently, it’s good enough for Bunchy and Terry – they still insist on taking O’Connor to the hospital. Ray puts his foot down; he’ll take the priest by himself. O’Connor balks because he knows Ray wants him dead. And, he reveals, it’s not merely because he molested Bunchy. O’Connor tells Ray how much he loved him, but before he can do more than imply that the eldest Donovan was one of his victims too, Ray pulls out a gun and shoots him in the head. Bunchy, it turns out, is quite relieved.


Frances returns later that evening, but when Terry tells her they took the priest to the hospital, she doesn’t quite believe him. “Which hospital?” she asks…and, could she, as the sole witness outside the family, be their downfall?


Ray pours himself a glass of whiskey and admits to Abby that Bunchy wasn’t O’Connor’s only victim. She tries to comfort him, but be shuts down, telling his wife not to touch him, and Abby departs. But his troubles are far from over; Frank has discovered Van’s body, and he’s convinced that Ray is the killer.