‘Ray Donovan’ Recap: “Fite Nite”

By September 9, 2013

ray donovan 1

Ray gets double-crossed when the truth about Mickey is finally revealed.

It’s Fite Night at the Donovan Fite Club, and the whole family is in attendance. Darryl refuses to fight until Mickey arrives…which could be a problem, considering that Ray’s put a hit on him to be fulfilled that night.

That morning, Bunchy has another run-in with the priest who molested him. He confronts Mickey about killing the wrong man, and Mickey, cinching the Worst Father Ever Award once again, tells him to quit whining and grow up.

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Ray wants to fix his heap of problems with Abby by having a “band-aid” baby. She isn’t particularly keen on the idea…and she’s also suspicious; they never go to Fite Night. The last thing she wants is for her kids to be exposed to another violent incident between Ray and his father.

Mickey, meanwhile, is nowhere to be found. He’s having coffee with Linda, the woman he pulled a gun on a couple weeks earlier. She wants to know if she did something to bring that on; he tells her he was simply following her lead. (Because, in Mickey’s world, if a woman says “you’d have to put a gun to my head,” she means it as an invitation.) Linda’s idea of closure is sleeping with Mickey, which, as it turns out, is a grave mistake. When Sully arrives, she gets caught in the crossfire of Ray’s battle with his father.

Sully and one of his cronies take Linda and Mickey out to the desert, where a fresh grave has already been dug. Sobbing, Linda pleads for mercy–her ex-husband, she says, will pay anything for her safe return. Sully agrees to let her go; she clutches him, relieved. But as she walks off, he pulls a gun and fires. Linda crumples to the ground, much to Mickey’s dismay.

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Of course, Mickey does everything in his power to buy himself more time. He hasn’t known Linda for long, he claims, and demands a separate grave. For reasons unknown, Sully agrees, even as his grave-digging crony whines. And then, just as he’s about to pull the trigger, Sully tells Mickey that he’s not doing it for Ray…and he’s not doing it because Mickey was the snitch who put his whole family away. He’s doing it because he was having an affair with Colleen (Ray’s dead girlfriend). Mickey chuckles at the irony. He’s about to die for the one crime he didn’t commit.

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Back at the club, Ray is waiting for Sully’s call, and another one of Sully’s men has arrived to collect payment. In a back room, Abby tells Ray that she’s not stupid; she knows something’s going on. Demolished, Ray goes back out into the club, where he’s told that Mickey’s dead. He hands over the money. Not long after, the room is buzzing with news. Sean Walker has been murdered in his home. Mickey walks into the room, still bloodied from his scuffle with Sully. Abby chases after Ray, and admits that she was the one who asked Mickey to come to L.A. in the first place. During his time in prison, she sent him letters, money, and pictures. Ray is furious.

Ray kicks down the door to Sully’s hotel room, but the only thing left behind is Sean Walker’s baby, sitting alone on the bed. The baby is surprisingly cheerful, considering that her father was murdered in front of her by Sully no more than a couple of hours earlier.

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