‘Ray Donovan’ Recap: “Same Exactly”

By September 23, 2013

Ray Donovan - Same Exactly 1

Ray gets Sully out of his life once and for all, while Mickey struggles to make amends.

Mickey, it turns out, may have been an even worse father than anyone knew.

Once upon a time, a ten year old Ray told his father that he was being sexually abused by a priest. And his father, in his infinite wisdom, called him a liar and beat him up.

Ray Donovan - Same Exactly 2

Yes, you heard that right. Mickey enabled his own son’s abuse…which, in turn, allowed his other son to be molested as well. It is no wonder that Ray cannot forgive his father, despite Mickey claiming that he served 20 years for him.

Actions have consequences, however, and everyone is suffering. Mickey, for his part, is experiencing rejection from Abby, who seems to have finally pulled the wool out of her eyes. She sends her father-in-law packing…as does Bunchy, who blames his father for being wrong about the priest, and asks Mickey to move out.

Ray Donovan - Same Exactly 8

Terry is a victim of circumstances and fraternal loyalty. Unable to tell Frances the complete truth – although he does admit a good chunk of it – he screams at her, and their relationship falls to pieces. Now, he has only to hope that she doesn’t tell the police that they murdered a priest.

Ray Donovan - Same Exactly 7

Bridget still hates her father for throwing out Marvin, but Lena tries to convince her that Ray is actually a good father. Connor, meanwhile, wishes he could join the Israeli army, thanks to his talks with Avi.

Ray Donovan - Same Exactly 6

Ray makes a deal with Sully while hatching a plan with Frank behind his back. Avi gets shot in the process, and Mickey – who shows up under the guise of traveling with Sully – shoots the FBI’s Most Wanted in the head. Game over, Sully. Frank gets the credit (but only after Ray wings him in the arm to make it look like there was a fire fight). They let Sully’s henchman go.

vRay Donovan - Same Exactly 4

Mickey returns to the Fite Club to pour everyone (including his alcoholic son) a drink. Ray receives a call from a distraught Abby; she wants her husband to come home. He joins his family on the beach, and they lie there, seemingly united for the first time in their entire lives.

Ray Donovan - Same Exactly 3

Ray Donovan - Same Exactly 5