Reasons To Visit L.A. For Halloween (Part 3): Haunted Hollywood Sports, Sinister Pointe & The L.A. Haunted Hayride

By October 4, 2013


Welcome to the third installment of our six part series where I showcase all the spooky and wonderful things to do for Halloween in and around Los Angeles. If you have missed the past two weeks of coverage, here are Part 1 and Part 2. This week, I’m going to spotlight three events that are happening in Southern California. Get that pen and pad ready (why are you using a pen and pad right now?) because here we go!

Haunted Hollywood Sports

One of the cool things about this writing assignment GeekNation handed to me is learning about some Halloween events happening throughout the city that I had been unaware of until now. One of those events is Haunted Hollywood Sports. What the hell is Haunted Hollywood Sports, you ask? Well I’ll tell you!

Haunted Hollywood Sports is a brand spanking new Halloween event in Southern California. It’s located at Hollywood Sports Park which is located in the city of Bellflower.

The event has 2 scare-zones:

Carnival of the Damned


The show has just started and these clowns and circus freaks running this dark bit top are always looking for a few new recruits to join their demented ranks. These clowns may have smiles on their faces…but its only to hide their twisted true intentions once you are within reach!

Outpost Z


The last salvation for humanity starts here. An outpost struggles to keep civilized nature alive and the undead at bay.

3 walk-through mazes:

All-American Armageddon


In the not-too-distant future, global civilization has collapsed as panic and decay has swept across the Earth. The peaceful walls of your abandoned oil refinery that you call home has just been discovered. Will you run and hide to survive another day? Or will you finally join the fight as an all out war is about to break loose? Welcome to the end of the life as you know it, where survival is a part of every day existence. Gear up and brace yourself, for Armageddon is just around the corner.

Cannibal Caverns


What happened to the Search and Rescue team? Are the caverns and fallout shelters truly abandoned or are they home to an unspeakable and insatiable evil? Uncover the answers with your team and solve the mystery of the missing Search and Rescue team. Investigate the claims and survive the desolate terrain and the unknown terror that lurks within!



Premiering in 2013, Venom Energy Drink presents “Venom.” Venture into an ancient temple, dodging deadly traps, navigating maze-like labyrinths and surviving attacks from countless entities and venomous snakes.

3 interactive Killhouses…

Wait, Killhouses? KILLHOUSES!? Yes, you read me right. I suppose a little explanation is necessary here. You see, The Hollywood Sports Park is one of those establishments where visitors come to shoot paintball and airball (Airsoft BB’s) during the day. But as the sun goes down, the Haunted Hollywood Sports event takes over which means these “Killhouses” I mentioned open for business. And this means – time to shoot some demons, monsters and zombies!


The 3 Killhouses in question are:

Zombie Killhouse

Haunted Hollywood Sports is home to the famous Zombie Killhouse. Returning bigger and better, visitors will fight against hordes of vicious zombies in hopes to survive the latest in biological outbreaks.

Voodoo Killhouse

Making another return, the Voodoo Killhouse pits park goers against an onslaught of paranormal beings foretold by the local Shaman. Grab the shotgun from underneath the cash register and walk together towards town of endless defeat. “Let’s go git them bastards.”

Deadman’s Trail Killhouse

All new in 2013, navigate the Deadman’s Trail through a thick war-torn jungle of a plagued Pacific island. Facing an unknown threat on unfamiliar land, band together and survive the onslaught of undead natives, soldiers and mysterious forces.

Aside from that, the event also features the Suicide Rock Climbing Wall, Evil Axis Shooting Range, Club Crimson for those of you wanting to get your drink on, and a Group E-Photo Booth to capture all of your precious memories forever.


Haunted Hollywood Sports opens to the public tonight, October 4th, and will be open every Friday and Saturday of October from 7:30pm – Midnight.  The event will also be open on Sunday, October 27 and Halloween night from 8:00pm – Midnight. Click here for ticket availability and pricing.

From Bellflower to Brea, it’s time to discuss the next event worth showcasing in this piece.

Sinister Pointe


If you’re like me, the name Sinister Pointe doesn’t ring any bells. But upon looking closer, you’ll see that the people behind this semi-year-round haunt event in Orange County are behind some rather successful events that happen throughout the world. Previous haunts like Silent Hill, Fear, Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor and Winchester Mystery House Fright Nights are just a few of those examples.

This year, Sinister Pointe’s Haunted Attraction event begins tonight. What this event offers is slightly different than the mazes and scarezones one would expect. There is just one single interactive maze that takes place in an area that amasses over 10,000 square feet. Guests are required to complete multiple “Fear Tests” throughout the attraction. And let’s not forget the option for everyone to choose their own paths! This gives visitors the ability to experience a series of different rooms which would lead to a variety of maze experiences if one was to return multiple times.


Sinister Pointe’s Haunted Attraction starts October 4th and will be open on select evenings through November 2nd. Click here for ticket availability and all that good stuff.

The final attraction being showcased in this entry is:

The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

Running October 4th to the 31st, The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride is now in its fifth year. Located at the Old Zoo in Griffith Park, the event will feature a new program that will take riders through the scenes of actual hauntings and through a locale that has been home to murder, torture, paranormal activity, serial killers, and abduction. Fun for the whole family!

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.26.50 PM

“This year will be very haunting,” said Melissa Carbone, Creator and Producer of Los Angeles Haunted Hayride. “We’re really going to capture the essence of the Halloween season by erecting an enchanting world of spirits, macabra, jack-o-lanterns and spine-chilling festivities.”

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.26.15 PM

Returning to this year’s event is the famous “In-Between” Dark Maze. This attraction has been referred to as the best in the state. A pitch black labyrinth that is being advertised as not for the faint of heart, this maze will send visitors into a sea of blackness with nothing but their hands and a low voltage lantern to guide them.


The “Purgatory” sideshow also returns to entertain guests while they wait. New features this year are the “Carving Shack,” where guests can pick out a pumpkin and get to creating their next masterpiece, and “Death Row,” which is an interactive room that allows visitors to view death devices used throughout history. Aside from that, the attraction will feature psychics, games, the “scary-go-round,” freak and magic shows and much more.

Honestly, I’m rather excited for this one. Not only have I heard so much great buzz regarding the event, I will be in attendance this weekend and will definitely report back next week regarding my findings.

The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride opens tonight, October 4th, with select dates through October 31st. Click here for all the delightful ticket information!

Welp, that’s all the bone chilling I can muster for one article. There is still so much to cover in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! I wish you all a Happy October. Now go watch a horror movie or something! I’ll be back next week with more spooky goodness to stab into your beautiful faces.

And in closing, I shall leave you with some immortal words from the incomparable Chop-Top to get you through the week.


“Peel that pig and slice it thick.” Stay spooky!

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