Reasons To Visit L.A. For Halloween (Part 5): Lucha VaVOOM, KCRW’s Masquerade Ball And Goblin: Giallo Live

By October 18, 2013

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We have reached week number 5 of my column showcasing the best events to partake in throughout Los Angeles during the Halloween season. As always, you can check out my previous week’s coverage here and here….also here and don’t forget here. As I mentioned, it’s the fifth week which means it’s almost time, kiddies! So far, I’ve mostly been covering haunt events and I figured I’d switch gears a bit to show you some other fun little things that are gearing up to take place in the L.A. area in the coming weeks.

First up:

Lucha VaVOOM


I have had the treat of experiencing the crazy event known as Lucha VaVOOM twice now and if you have never been, you are seriously missing one hell of an event. You’ve got your Mexican masked wrestlers, your burlesque dancers, and your live stand up comedy. What more could you ask for? Oh, right…there’s alcohol too.

What you get when you attend a Lucha VaVOOM show is “a non-stop, action-packed scream-a-thon, where Mexican Masked wrestlers flip and fly, performing breathtaking acrobatic feats.  It’s good vs. evil played out in a one fall, Lucha Libre exhibition-style match for maximum enjoyment.”

And let’s not forget those burlesque dancers I spoke of. In between the action of the wrestling matches, a variety of burlesque acts take the stage (ring) to shed their clothes and entertain with some crazy pole stunts of their own. You’ve got aerial acts, hula-hoopers, Pogo-stick peelers (I have no idea what that means) and more. And during the Halloween show, you can expect all the acts to bring their own spooky themes to the stage (ring).


There’s one last piece to make the recipe complete and that’s the comedians who have contributed to the Lucha VaVOOM events as color commentators. The regulars are Tom Kenny, Dana Gould, and Blaine Capatch. Guest commentators have included the likes of Fred Armisen, Brian Posehn, Patton Oswalt, Jeffrey Ross, Chris Hardwick, Bobcat Goldthwait, and Jack Black.

If you take my suggestion and attend, be sure to dress in costume; they are encouraged as this is a giant costume ball of SEXY Y VIOLENCIA! Oh, and on Halloween night only there’s also a $250 cash prize for the winner! So bring your A-game, cosplay people!

Lucha VaVOOM Halloween: Noche De Los Salvajes will take place October 30th and 31st at The Mayan Theater. It looks like October 30th is already sold out so hurry up and click here for tickets!

Up next on in the spotlight is:



In its fifth year, KCRW is bringing their annual Halloween Masquerade to the legendary Park Plaza Hotel. The event will introduce new themed rooms and “a myriad of sights, sounds, and spectacles to delight all the senses.” According the event’s press release, there will be circus troops, costume contests, food trucks and ghost stories to go along with the dance party of course.

The five themed rooms in question will be manned by KCRW’s own talent as well as other high- profile DJs and live bands including the likes of Rob Garza (from Thievery Corporation), Glasser (my new favorite artist), DJ Dave Sitek (from TV On The Radio), Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and more!

If that wasn’t enough, there will be appearances by Lucent Dossier and Harlow Gold’s Blind Tiger. So now you’ve got your vintage burlesque and vintage circus shows added into the mix!

The event is 21 and over and takes place Saturday, October 26th at The Park Plaza Hotel. All tickets are general admission and the cost to get in is $100 so if you really wish to go, start saving quickly!

And finally, our last stop for this entry is:



For the first time in their 40 years in existence, Goblin will be playing Los Angeles live for three shows! This concert is an absolute must for any horror fan and the live sets will include their most iconic film scores including Dario Argento’s giallo classics Suspiria, Tenebrae, and Deep Red. It’s expected attendees will also hear tracks from George A. Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead, Roller, Il fantastico Viaggio del Bagarozzo Mark and the most recent Back to the Goblin. If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, the band will perform other famous scores never performed live in this show.

In celebration of Goblin’s first shows in Los Angeles, Death Waltz Records is set to release an exclusive EP featuring brand new versions of classics Suspiria, Tenebrae, Profondo Rosso & Roller. “These re-recorded versions by the recently reunited band not only manage to capture the spirit of the original recordings but instill them with an urgency and intensity that is truly representative of their recent live performances.” Further, the EP in question is only going to be available on the US tour and will be pressed on blood red 180g vinyl featuring exclusively commissioned artwork by legendary poster artist Graham Humphreys (Evil Dead, A Nightmare On Elm Street). So, keep an eye out for that friends! (Listen to today’s Killer POV for more on Death Waltz Records.)


Now, depending on the date you attend, you’ll be treated to a rare 35mm screening of either Suspiria, Tenebrae, or Deep Red after the live performance concludes.

The three night concert event is a part of L.A.’s Beyond Fest 2013. I’d link to ticket information but from what I’m gathering, the event has sold out. That being said, I have full faith in you GeekNation readers to find some sort of back channel option to get yourself in the doors. And if you are lucky enough to attend, seriously – grab me a poster!

This concludes the fifth entry in my six part L.A. Halloween series. Yes, this means there is only one installment left. Don’t be sad. Stop your crying.


Tune in next week. And remember the immortal words of Pinhead: “No tears please, it’s a waste of good suffering!”

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