Reasons To Visit L.A. For Halloween (Part 7): Big Worm’s Sherwood Scare, Danny Elfman In Concert, West Hollywood’s Halloween Carnaval And More!

By October 28, 2013


Here we are kids: the final installment of my month-long series highlighting the cool and nifty things to do in Los Angeles during the Halloween season. In case you missed them, here they all are. Some of the items I highlighted there-in have passed, but there are others you can still partake in!

Before I go any further, I wanted to direct your attention to Amanda Story’s review of what many are calling THE BEST thing to do for Halloween in Los Angeles. I’m referring to Delusion: Masque Of Mortality. Thankfully, they have shows running through to November 23rd because you can be sure I will be there with bells on. Literally! The killer will have no trouble finding me whatsoever!

Now that I got that out of the way, it’s time to rejoice! This is the week! It’s finally time to carve those costumes and wear them pumpkins….or something. I know the title states specific events I’m going to highlight, but since this is indeed the last installment of this series, be prepared as I will be throwing in a lot more to hopefully keep you covered. Pay attention – this will be on the test!

First up:



This attraction sorta jumped out and surprised me in more ways than one. Big Worm’s Sherwood Scare is one of many homemade yard haunts you can find around the Los Angeles area. (And no, Big Worm is NOT a reference to the movie Friday.) I’ll be honest here and state I have never gone to a homemade haunt before and didn’t know about this until a friend of mine raved about it on his Facebook page last week. So this past Friday, I trekked out to Encino, CA to check out what all the fuss was about and was blown away!

A mere $3.00 donation (which goes to Big Worm’s Cystic Fibrosis Foundation) gets you through the front door and into an attraction that’s very impressive. We were told at the front that the maze itself is entirely on the home owner’s basketball court and takes up 200,000 square feet! And what they did with that area is crazy. Not once did I think to myself I was on a basketball court, and the fact that this was at someone’s house may have left me dropping my guard a bit because I actually got scared and jumped a few times and THAT NEVER HAPPENS!


Big Worm’s Sherwood Scare is just one maze and once you are inside, your experience will last about five minutes or so. But those five minutes are more fulfilling than almost every other haunt attractions I’ve been to this year. There’s an original storyline that visitors follow after the orientation with the camp counselor at the beginning. I’m not going to give anything else away as that’ll spoil the surprise. But if you’re in Los Angeles and have the time, go give Big Worm your money. They are open Halloween night from 7pm to midnight. Check out their website for all the details!

After visiting Encino, we traveled over to the city of Burbank to check out another homemade haunt that got nothing but rave reviews on Yelp. Called The Backwoods Maze, this attraction is free to attend but also accepts donations. This maze takes place in the homeowner’s backyard and was also pretty impressive. However, The Sherwood Scare spoiled us regarding originality and fright factor. The Backwoods Maze took influences from the likes of Knotts Scary Farm and Halloween Horror Nights and scaled it down into a pretty cool attraction to visit to get into the Halloween spirit. Go check both of these yard haunts out and then get back to me with your favorite! I’ll be waiting…

Up next, we have:



For a more cultured Halloween experience, why not attend a live symphony orchestra performance? Better yet, why not get your butts down to The NOKIA Theater at LA Live to witness Danny Elfman’s first live US performance in 18 years!? Yes, you read me right. Danny Elfman will be featured alongside The Hollywood Symphony Orchestra and The Page LA Choir to bring the music of many Tim Burton classics to life! The show dates are October 29th, 30th and 31st. Each performance will feature music and visuals from the likes of Batman, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, Alice In Wonderland and more!

Here’s a little taste:

I don’t know about you, but seeing Danny Elfman perform Jack’s Lament live pretty much seals the deal for me! If you agree and are scrambling to find out when and where and how, then just click here for tickets!

Picture courtesy of IFC

Picture courtesy of IFC

And while we’re on the topic of The Nightmare Before Christmas, I’ll have you know that this year signifies the film’s 20th anniversary! With that being said, another item that should be on your collective “to-do” lists is to trek over to The El Capitan Theater in Hollywood to partake in their screening of the film in “Spine Tingling 4D”! Admittedly, as a sort of reformed goth kid, it had been a while since I watched Tim Burton’s classic. This viewing adds a spiffy array of spectacle to the movie and if you buy VIP tix, popcorn and sodas are included in your price. They are screening The Nightmare Before Christmas through October 31st. It’s fun for the whole family!




I’m mentioning this event that is happening October 31st at The Edison for the sheer reason that I WANT TO GO! I’ve never been to the venue and have heard nothing but great things. The description from the official website for this Cabaret L’Enfer says, “Be prepared to experience the Unique, the Unusual and the Wondrous as The Edison Resurrects the Dark Spirit of Halloween Past. With an extraordinary selection of Attractions Diaboliques featuring Apparitions and Gifted Eccentriques from across the Globe. Do not miss your opportunity to experience a legendary night beneath the ground in the fires of eternity.”

Unfortunately, Pre-Sale and General Admission tickets for the event are completely SOLD OUT. However, there are limited table reservations still available and you might want to test your luck by arriving at the door that night for tickets. Who knows? Some people may not show!



If crawling from bar to bar is more your thing, then this may be more your…uh…. thing. Halloween Pub Crawls are happening this week in both Hollywood and Santa Monica.


Hell, there is even a Zombie Crawl happening this year in Santa Monica! So, if crawling from bar to bar whilst dressed as the undead is your thing…well just go to the website for all the info!

And finally, I’m ending this blog on the biggest Halloween party that happens in Los Angeles (even The World):



As any Angeleno knows, traffic and parking in this city can be a nightmare. With the street closures scheduled for Thursday, I can only imagine how bad it’s going to be! That being said, The West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval is definitely something to experience. Each year, this street party is the absolute biggest Halloween celebration anywhere. I mean ANYWHERE. The few years I visited were definitely bonkers.


This year, there will be 6 stages featuring many live acts and performers. Take note, admission to the event is free and it goes from 6pm to 11pm. Honestly, the last time I attended, I was there until 2 or 3 in the morning. Also, no alcohol is served at the event! However, there are many bars along the way that will feature their own drink specials and such so…seriously, don’t worry about getting a decent buzz.

Oh yeah…and did I mention the awesome costumes you’ll see?


West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnival 2011

(Photo by GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images

(Photo by GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

This concludes my seven part series highlighting the best things to do in Los Angeles for Halloween. What did I miss? What are you looking forward to? What is your costume? What’s your stance on candy corn? Seriously, tell me everything in the comments below!

It’s almost time! Happy Halloween!

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