Respawn Entertainment Releases Massive ‘Titanfall’ Update

By October 26, 2014

Respawn Entertainment’s online first-person shooter experience Titanfall has been released for over seven months now, and although the hype was very real for it upon launch, much of the buzz surrounding it has noticeably died down due to a number of reasons. These include the release of newer ambitious FPS games (like Destiny), the impending return of old favorites (like Call of Duty and Halo), and the perception of some people that the Titanfall gameplay experience can only go so far. While we loved the game both on Xbox One/PC and Xbox 360, it is true that the same game types and advancement opportunities can only go so far even less than a year into the game’s life. In a previous game update, Respawn introduced a game mode called “Marked for Death,” which is inserted into the regular Attrition/Team Deathmatch game mode and calls out players to seek out a specific enemy player and take them out, while defending the marked man on their own team.

It’s a well-liked mode, but overall a modest improvement. To that end, Respawn just announced the massive eighth game update for Titanfall, now available on both Xbox One and PC with implementation on the Xbox 360 coming soon.

"Frontier Defense" is a new cooperative, 4-player game mode in which you and your teammates have to defend the massive fuel harvester from being destroyed by the IMC. I hope you've got some solid Burn Cards in your deck...

“Frontier Defense” is a new cooperative, 4-player game mode in which you and your teammates have to defend the massive fuel harvester from being destroyed by the IMC. I hope you’ve got some solid Burn Cards in your deck…

While a great deal of the update concerns improvements to overall game balance and changes or additions to existing modes, Respawn has added a new cooperative mode called “Frontier Defense,” where you join with three other players to fight six waves of A.I. controlled enemies as they send suicidal explosive robots, mortar Titans, nuclear Titans, and legions of grunt soldiers to try and destroy a harvester that your team needs in order to mine more fuel for the Militia. It adds an entirely new element of gameplay to the overall experience, now giving players the option of playing strictly with friends instead of constantly against others.

It’s also fairly difficult, with the sheer onslaught being very hard to handle if your team isn’t prepared. While you’re given some tools in order to fortify defenses of the harvester, like auto-turrets you can place in any location you wish, the number of enemies and dangers means that the game mode favors both swift and effective, brutal action. Beyond the new game mode, though, there are a lot of new elements to try out: new achievements on the Xbox One, ranked play to allow a new skill-based system of advancement, new score benchmarks in all game modes, additions to things like Burn Cards and Titan customization options, and a lot, lot more.

The new update for Titanfall is available now on Xbox One and PC, and will likely arrive on Xbox 360 within the month. Why not give it another try? Chances are you’ll find some cool new stuff waiting for you. For more info on the new update, including a lot of gameplay footage and explanation of every new change brought with the update, you can watch Respawn Entertainment’s archived video of the announcement livestream below!

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