Review: Agent Carter S02E06 – “Life of the Party”

By February 17, 2016

In the first episode of this week’s 2 hour event for Agent Carter, Calvin Chadwick is getting desperate, Dr. Wilkes is losing his foothold in our reality, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Let’s take a look at episode six of season two, “Life of the Party.

Last week we ended with Dr. Wilkes phasing out of our reality right in front of Peggy. We see him in some sort of limbo before being able to pull himself back to the real world. But that’s not going to hold for long. He’s scared. He doesn’t know how much longer he will be able to hold on and starts falling into the trap of believing that there is no hope. Peggy pulls him out of his despair by insisting that they will think of way to make him whole again. She brings up how the little bit of zero matter in the tissue sample was able to make him whole again and asks Dr. Wilkes if he’s able to construct any sort of containment vessel based on that principal. He has an idea, but first they need a sample of zero matter (sounds familiar) and the only remaining source is in Ms. Whitney Frost.

Peggy and Sousa devise a plan to extract some of Ms. Frost’s blood at a charity event for her husband. Unfortunately, not only is Ms. Frost familiar with the both of them and will see them coming from a mile away, but Peggy’s injury is really taking its toll on her. She can barely move. There’s no way she can function at 100% in the field right now. I’m glad this was sticking point in the episode. Sometimes when a character gets injured in a show they are fine by the next episode or able to carry on like nothing much has happened. That is not the case here as we see that her injury lingers and causes problems, which it should as that was a serious injury.

As that Peggy’s and Sousa’s little operation is on the side, without the full support of the SSR, they don’t have a lot of resources on hand nor are there very many people the can trust. The only idea they can come up with, and as Peggy said, is a very bad idea. Dottie Underwood. She’s a more than capable spy and Ms. Frost has no idea who she is. However, she’s not exactly trustworthy being a Russian spy and all. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Peggy visits Dottie in her cell to supply her with a measure of escaping and to layout her proposal. Dottie is so deliciously bad. She’s so calm and calculated. She’s able peg Carter’s motives almost instantly. Dottie Underwood is the perfect foil for Peggy. Once Dottie escapes her little cell she tries to make a break for it (which by the way, when did she get transferred to the west coast? I must have missed that). She tries to slip away but Peggy and Sousa were more than prepared of that. That net was so feeble that you knew there was more to it. But man that shock was pretty intense.

On the bad guy front, Calvin Chadwick has set up a meeting with the Council to allow his wife to share with them the true potential of the zero matter. Ms. Frost is overjoyed and the thought of being able to share this with the Council. But you knew her husband was lying through his teeth. He was scared of what his wife had become. I almost felt sorry for her. Almost.

With Dottie out of lock up, she’s outfitted with surveillance equipment and security measures to keep her line. Those just seemed like minor annoyances to her. She’s just so cavalier about pretty much everything. Dottie also discovers the Dr. Wilkes is not all there. I don’t know why you walk so close to her or even have him around. She’s always trying to gather information, looking for anything that she can use to her advantage.

Dottie isn’t going on this mission alone. Mr. Jarvis is going with her. He was able to secure access to event as he is a representative of Mr. Stark. Howard always tries to have to some sort of representation at these type of functions. Jarvis may enjoy these little missions as he finds them exciting as they get his blood pumping, as it were. However, his excitement is tempered this time around as he has to be paired with Dottie.

At the party, Jarvis constantly has to reign her in a keep her on point. Things get even more difficult when Jack Thompson shows up. If he even catches a glimpse of Dottie, the whole operation is busted. I still can’t quite figure that guy out. One second he’s a jerk (well most of the time) but then he has these moments where he does the right thing. Or you can at least see that he’s questioning what’s going on. But it’s never out loud. Jack wants to play by the “rules” but it’s often at the expense of doing what’s right. He’s so focused on climbing the ladder that it’s keeping him from doing his job.

Now with Thompson in the way, Jarvis is off to distract him while Dottie collects the blood sample from Frost. That was the easy part. Dottie gets trapped in the conference room and hides in a cabinet before the Council enters with Calvin Chadwick and Frost. She watches with horror as Frost kills half the Council and her husband after his betrayal. It’s not the killing that horrifies her, she’s seen that before, it’s how it happened. Frost’s powers have grown exponentially and she is becoming increasingly dangerous. This little killing spree also revealed to Dottie just exactly what she extracted from Frost. Power.

While all this is happening inside, Peggy and Sousa are outside in the surveillance truck. She’s desperate to help and starts to make her move to go in and help but some of her stitches come out as she merely tries to open the door. And this is where she brings up Violet. Obviously she can help again, right? Well…Daniel doesn’t think that’s the best idea. Not that Violet wouldn’t help. She seems like the type of person that would help regardless of the circumstances. But the issue here is that Violet has broken of the engagement because Daniel still has feelings for Peggy.

agent carter life of the party

Feeling as though her showing up in California has mucked things up for Daniel, Peggy apologizes to him for causing this issue. However, her apology kind of goes right out the window as she tries to kiss him right after consoling him for being the reason of his and Violet’s breakup. Sousa went in too so it was on both of them. But she just said she was sorry and while they do both have feelings for each other, instead of backing off or shaking herself out of it she was as equally complicit in going in for this kiss. Just thought that was bad timing given what they were talking about.

Peggy and Sousa shippers were about to finally get that kiss but not before a body lands on the top of the truck. Dottie had been trying to slip away unnoticed but she ran into Vernon and a couple of his men. In fighting them off, she got a little carried away and threw one out the window. Before she can get away Jack finds her and knocks her out. But in the scuffle with Vernon’s men she loses the sample of Frost’s blood. Fortunately Jarvis finds and secures it.

Peggy may now have a sample of the zero matter for Dr. Wilkes, but her priority has now shifted to finding Dottie. She is the reason that Dottie is out and she’s concerned about the damage Dottie can cause if left unchecked. I know you’re concerned about what Dottie might do but this whole thing with Wilkes kinda time sensitive so he could finish the machine and you know, not die. Unbeknownst to them Dottie had been captured and somehow ended up in Frost’s possession. I assume that was Vernon’s doing and not Jack’s.

This episode also saw the return of Ana Jarvis. I really like her. She’s so different from Mr. Jarvis but the two love and care for each other deeply. You can tell that she worries about the danger that Mr. Jarvis puts himself in when he goes on these missions. Each one seems to get a little more real and a little more dangerous.

Vernon also continues to be a slime ball as he’s in deep with the Council. He’s openly talking with Mr. Jones about the events of that night right in front of Thompson. I know he’s trying to groom Thompson and work him into his little group but I thought he may try to be a little more secretive until Thompson was officially “in”. I think that’s also a sign of how arrogant Vernon is and how he thinks they will get away with everything. And how did Jack not pick up on any of the conversation between Vernon and Mr. Jones about Whitney? Either he just ignored it, didn’t hear (which is not believable), or he’s storing it away to use later. I hope he wakes up and sees what Peggy and Daniel see sooner rather than later. There’s hints of that but he’s still trying to play his role and appease his superiors.

Agent Carter airs every Tuesday night on ABC.

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