Review: Agent Carter S02E07 – “Monsters”

By February 17, 2016

In the second episode of this week’s Agent Carter 2 hour event, Peggy and Sousa are trying to locate Dottie, Dr. Wilkes continues to work on his machine, Dottie may have finally met her match, and Mr. Jarvis gets hit right where it hurts the most. Let’s take a look at episode seven, ‘Monsters’.

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This episode begins with Ms. Whitney Frost putting her skills as an actress to work by talking about the loss of her husband and his friends in a “boating accident” at a press conference. Peggy and Sousa are watching on and determine that she killed them someway, somehow. Peggy experienced a little bit of Frost’s powers when they fought at the storage facility but they are still yet to fully understand exactly what Frost is capable of.

It turns out that Vernon was behind getting Dottie to Ms. Frost. It’s his job (for now) to question and torture Dottie to find out exactly what Peggy Carter is up to. He pulls out a bunch of torture tools and truth serum to intimidate Dottie and starts bragging how he’s so great at getting information. She’s not impressed. She’s inflicted just about every means of torture upon herself at one time or another. It’s all a big game to her. Well…until Ms. Frost shows up.

It’s Frost’s turn to have a crack at cracking Dottie. As soon as she entered the room you could tell Dottie was scared of her after what she witness Frost do to those men in the last episode. She was very aware of what awaited her if she wasn’t careful. There was no smile or taunting from Dottie. Her entire demeanor changed. She was terrified. The torture that Frost unleashed on her was unlike anything she had ever experienced.

Even with all the forms of torture Dottie has faced, this is on a whole new level. She breaks and reveals that Dr. Wilkes is alive and out of phase, or “a ghost” as she put it. Being the genius that she is, Frost knows exactly what Dottie meant. Now that she knows that Dr. Wilkes survived the explosion, she wants to find him as he could be another piece to the puzzle in understanding the zero matter and taking it to another level. But that’s not all that Frost is after. She desperately wants those uranium rods and not just any old uranium rods, the same ones that created the zero matter in the first place.

Back at Stark’s, Dr. Wilkes, with the help of Ana Jarvis, puts the finishing touches on the containment vessel. The only remaining component that is needed is the bit of zero matter Dottie retrieved from Frost. They turn the machine on and Wilkes absorbs the zero matter making him whole again (or at least as long as remains in the chamber). Overcome with emotion and desire, Dr. Wilkes plants a big ole’ kiss on Peggy. Insert Tony Stark eye roll. Dr. Wilkes is a nice guy but I really want her and Daniel to end up together. I don’t really have anything against Wilkes…well, other than the fact that in previous episodes all he did was when we was around Peggy was stare at her longingly. That did get a little annoying after a while. We get it. You like her.

Dottie’s tracker starts broadcasting her location and Peggy starts making plans to go and get her. Everyone realizes this is most definitely a trap as Frost had found the tracking device on Dottie and switched it on to lure them out. Peggy gives Sousa a call to update him on what’s going on and to see if he wanted in on going to get Dottie. However, Sousa has his own problems to worry about. Vernon. That guy never goes away.

Vernon informs Sousa of some stolen uranium rods and asks him to look into their disappearance. Those rods are of course that he and Peggy helped steal before Frost could get her hands on them. Vernon gives this big spiel on doing what’s right to help your country and that Daniel can be a hero if more or less just falls in line. Daniel isn’t falling for any of the bull that Vernon is pushing and just says we’ll do our best. I’m still not sure of the chain of command of the SSR and who controls who. Why is Vernon even there throwing his weight around? He’s FBI not SSR.

Peggy and Jarvis head to Dottie’s location with a device of Stark’s that they hope to use to get by any guards that they run into. Before they leave, Ana and Mr. Jarvis have a nice little scene together where she expresses her worry over these little missions but she knows that he enjoys them. Mr. Jarvis promises to come back safe and sound but Ana insists that doesn’t make promises he can’t keep. Why do you do this to me show? You know nothing good is going to happen.

On the way to Dottie’s location, Peggy and Jarvis have a nice little conversation about the men in her life. First she’s annoyed that Jarvis is asking. But then she opened up a little sharing that she didn’t mean for this to happen and that she doesn’t know what to do. As Jarvis’ states, “You underestimate your allure, Ms. Carter”. Truer words were never spoken, Mr. Jarvis.

Dottie’s rescue does not go as planned as Jarvis punches in the wrong measurements…I mean code… to Stark’s device which leads to their capture.  Peggy, Dottie and Jarvis are all able to escape rather easily but I guess that was part of the trap. Although, there weren’t any alterations to Dottie’s restraints (that we saw) once Peggy and Jarvis were brought in. But as soon as she saw Peggy get out she was able to free herself rather easily. Maybe she just needed Peggy’s presence as a little extra motivation. It also turns that the code Jarvis entered in was destruction and not the “jitterbug” code which causes an explosion knocking out all the guards above.

It doesn’t take them long to realize that the trap they thought they were walking into was actually set so Frost could get to Dr. Wilkes. This also means that Ana is in danger. Frost shows up at Stark’s house with Joseph Manfredi (Ken Marino) as his men are her new muscle. She is very impressed and geeks out over the containment vessel that Dr. Wilkes has built. She also makes mention of a palladium core that Stark is working on which I believe is what is Tony used to make the core of his Iron Man suits (and save his life). Frost tries to take the zero matter back from Dr. Wilkes but he is able to fight it off which leads to him being able to remain solid outside the chamber. At least for now. She tries to win him over by appealing to his scientific side by talking about all the stuff they could accomplish together before trying to bring him down by saying he won’t amount to anything in this world because of the color of his skin and that working with her is his only option. Dr. Wilkes isn’t having any of it but Manfredi knocks him out cold.

This whole time I was worried about Ana. Was she going to get in their way? Was she going to remain safe inside the house? But if we’ve learned anything about her character you knew she was going to confront them. Manfredi is going to kill her but Frost stops him only to shoot her herself to slow Peggy down as she and Jarvis just pulled back up to the house.

Look, I’m pretty sure Ana will make it through as this show isn’t The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, but they could pull the rug out from under us and have her not make it. I hope that doesn’t happen. That would absolutely devastate Mr. Jarvis (and me). We haven’t seen Ana that much but the scenes she has been in have really developed her as a character. Jarvis talks about her all the time so she almost feels like a main cast member. He loves her deeply which transfers to us as the audience and we care just as much as he does. That scene of Peggy and Jarvis holding hands in the hospital was very moving.

Things continue to go from bad to worse as Dottie has escaped (again) and Vernon has now muscled his way into taking over the LA SSR field office.  Again, why is Vernon able to take over the SSR LA location? He’s FBI not SSR. I just really hate that guy.

Agent Carter airs on ABC on Tuesday nights.

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