Review: Agent Carter S02E08 – “The Edge of Mystery”

By February 24, 2016

This week on Agent Carter we got another double dose of our Peggy. In the first episode of the two hour event we see Jarvis is at his wit’s end, Dr. Wilkes is being tempted by the dark side, be wary of promises you can’t keep, and you should always do as Peggy says. Let’s take a look at ‘The Edge of Mystery’.

The episode begins with flashback to season one where Peggy had acquired the device that held Captain America’s blood. Except this time we see it from a different point of view. We see Jarvis at home on the phone instructing Peggy on how to safely open the device. We also see Ana arriving home and this was her first exposure to Jarvis interacting with Peggy. This was very early on in Peggy’s and Jarvis’ relationship and he promises to Ana that Ms. Carter will never interfere with their lives which is where he hear from Ana the he should never make promises that he can’t keep.

Fast forward back to the present events and Mr. Jarvis is sitting by Ana’s bedside in the hospital waiting for her to wake up. He’s beside himself as he doesn’t know what to do. Jarvis tries to occupy himself by getting the radio to work in order to pick up Ana’s favorite radio show so that they can listen to it together once she wakes up. His emotions are bouncing all over the place as he is worried about Ana, upset that he wasn’t there to protect her and he’s full of rage for what Whitney Frost did to his wife.

Speaking of Ms. Frost she has been keeping a close eye on Dr. Wilkes. By giving him a steady supply of zero matter, she’ been able to keep him whole allowing her to keep him locked up for study. Whitney starts playing with Dr. Wilkes’ head by saying that she wants to work with him and they only together they can learn the mysteries of the zero matter. She’s only thinking of herself, of course but Wilkes desperately wants to be whole once again so he starts buying what Whitney is selling. He wants to be rid of the zero matter altogether.

Meanwhile Jack Thompson is still busy trying to cut corners in order to ahead. He made an apparently really quick trip to London to meet up with an old buddy from MI5 in hopes of getting some dirt to use on Peggy.  He acquires a redacted report a little too easily that implicates Peggy in war crimes. This guy, I swear. He has moments where he shows us that he is a smart and capable guy, but most of the times he’s so wrapped up in trying to climb the latter that he loses sight on what’s right in front of him. I can’t believe he actually went to London to find something bad about Peggy. I thought he wasn’t going to act upon Vernon’s suggestion as he’s scene that he’s not exactly the most trustworthy guy. Again, blinders.

Peggy and Sousa are able to relay a message via Joseph Manfredi to Ms. Frost that they wish to make a trade. The uranium rods for Dr. Wilkes. Dr. Samberly is able coat some fake rods with a substance that makes them seem real when tested.  The handoff starts off smoothly but it doesn’t take long for everything to start falling apart. First, who doesn’t make sure that the case with the uranium rods is secure? If those had been the real deal, game over for everyone. Then once they get away, Dr. Wilkes turns on Peggy and Sousa by threatening to kill Peggy if they didn’t give up the location of the real uranium rods. Traitor! Peggy’s not falling for but Sousa caves and reveals that they are back at the SSR.

If you have been following my recaps for Agent Carter you know that I was never a huge fan of Wilkes anyway so this was just another “ugh” moment for me. Peggy, Sousa, Mr. Jarvis, Ana, even Dr. Samberly have been doing everything that they can to help Wilkes but a few short sessions Ms. Frost and he’s suddenly pointing a shotgun a Peggy’s face? I know he’s desperate but he was free from Frost, they had the real uranium rods, and with his and Howard’s smarts I’m sure they could have figured something out. But no, he just decides to go with Frost.

The emotional core of this episode was everything going on with Mr. Jarvis and Ana. This episode could have very well been titled ‘Promises’. At her bedside, Mr. Jarvis begins listing everything that promises to do if Ana would just wake up. Everything that he promised seemed to be some trivial thing that no longer mattered. He just wanted his wife back. Ana finally wakes up and reminds Mr. Jarvis to don’t make promises that he can’t keep. These two are so good together. I’m glad to see another side of Mr. Jarvis and not just the fun and adventure seeking one, but the loving and caring husband that desperately cares for his wife. While Ana is awake and recovering, all is not well. Mr. Jarvis learns the devastating news that because of the complications of Ana’s injury, they can no longer have children. You just knew there was going to be some sort of consequence and it’s heartbreaking that they have lost this opportunity.

Back at the SSR, Jack gives Vernon the redacted report that supposedly incriminates Peggy of war crimes. Vernon is singing Jack’s praises but Jack finally starts to wake up and realize that this was a little too easy. Plus, the fact that Whitney Frost called Vernon directly and using his security code, to discuss the rods didn’t hurt either. It took Jack long enough to come around. Also, those phones really aren’t that secure, are they? It is the 40s, but still. Jack tries to stop Vernon from taking the rods but Vernon somehow gets the jump on him and erases his memory with one of Samberly’s devices.

Team Peggy is off to stop Ms. Frost from reopening the zero matter portal(?) but there are a few things that they have to take care of first. Samberly has to build a gamma cannon based off some design specifications that Mr. Stark sent in. That was a little convenient not mention that Samberly was able to construct what was probably a pretty complicated device pretty quickly. And then there is Mr. Jarvis. He was adamant that he go along as he wants to make sure that Ms. Frost is dealt with. So much so, that he instructs Rose to look after Ana even providing her with his Last Will and Testament if things don’t go to plan.

Unfortunately Peggy, Sousa, Jarvis, Jack and Samberly are too late to stop Frost from detonating the rods.  She has recreated the event that created the zero matter. Peggy is adamant that they use gammon canon to close the portal and save Dr. Wilkes but Jarvis has other ideas. He fears that this action will allow Frost to get away and he’s having none of that. Peggy goes after him leaving instruction with Sousa, Thompson and Samberly. That was a great moment when Samberly was fumbling about about what to do and Sousa and Thompson in unison say, “do as Peggy says”. You should always do as Peggy says. And to hear Thompson admit that was great.

Frost’s plan backfires as Dr. Wilkes was pulled into the zero matter while she was left behind. The gamma canon is then activated closing the tear for good and returning Dr. Wilkes. Jarvis uses the distraction to get the jump on Frost and shooting in cold blood. He was not taking any chances.  She was not getting away and he was willing to do whatever it took to get back at Frost for shooting and nearly killing Ana. However, Ms. Frost is not dead as the zero matter within her healed her wound. And while Peggy checks on Wilkes a couple of Frost’s hired muscle get the drop on her and Jarvis and lock them up. Frost wants to use them against Wilkes to force him to share with her what happened to him when he was pulled into the zero matter.

Nothing is going as planned for anyone. Peggy and Jarvis have been captured. Frost is even more ticked off than she was before, And Sousa, Thompson and Samberly stranded in the middle of the desert with no way back. Fortunately we didn’t have to wait long to see what happens next!

Agent Carter airs every Tuesday nights on ABC.

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