Review: ‘Arrow’ S04E07 – ‘Brotherhood’

By November 19, 2015

On this week’s episode of Arrow, we learned that dead people keep popping up like flies in Star City, the daughter of the demon has hidden talents and the flashback sequences just really need to stop. Let’s take a closer look at ‘Brotherhood,’ shall we?

This episode began like pretty much all the rest have, with a shootout on the streets of Star City. HIVE is trying to cripple the city, in every way possible, including blowing up Federal Reserve money destined to prop up Star City bank.  Oh yeah, and they also blow up themselves to avoid capture. Which is really annoying to Team Arrow, as they need to find out more info about HIVE and its members in order to create a plan of action.

This leads to a whole thing about a tooth with corrupted DNA and a need to break into one of the HIVE facilities so that they can get a hold of the compound that the group is using the scramble the DNA on their members. This macguffin leads us to the realization that Andrew Diggle is alive and well and working for the enemy.

Diggle, after finding out that his brother is not the man he thought he was a couple of episodes back, wants to wash his hands of the whole thing. Oliver convinces him that things may not be what they appear, especially when they see Damien Darhk drugging his soldiers to make them more susceptible to his mind control powers. In the ensuing fight, they manage to capture Andy, with the help of the newly ‘resurrected’ Ray Palmer in his ATOM suit. Sadly, Diggle’s suspicions are confirmed when Andy tells him that everything in the file, everything that he’s learned is true.

In other news, Damien Darhk offers to help Oliver with his mayoral campaign, as long as he leaves the docks alone. He then threatens Ollie if he chooses to go against his wishes, meaning the first thing that Oliver does is hold a press conference announcing his plan to revitalize the city’s bay front. Since they’re having issues taking Darhk down, well, in the dark, they decide to come at him a different way, in the light and see if they get better results.

Ray is having problem readjusting to his ‘resurrection,’ feeling out of sorts and out of place now that he’s back in the real world. Nothing that a little spin in his super suit to the past won’t fix. Thea is also having some adjustment issues, as her bloodlust is returning. Malcolm shows up and offers her a pedophile to slake her thirst but she refuses, instead choosing to beat the crap out of a creep who was hitting on her (and deserved it after the ‘no’ means ‘yes’ line!), right in front of her date, Alex. She is shocked later, when she’s cornered by Darkh who tries to use his powers on her. It looks like the magic, instead of affecting Thea, bounces back and attacks Darhk. Thea later confesses that she thinks Darhk may be the key to her salvation, as the bloodlust disappeared when he touched her.

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Okay, so this episode gets points for not being Legends Of Tomorrow setup, but overall it was just okay. I liked that David Ramsey got the spotlight for once and I do think that the idea of the brother that he loved and kind of idolized, being nothing what he thought is interesting. I’m just not sure where the story is going. And seriously, enough with the resurrected siblings! One of the issues with opening this universe to magic and mysticism, is that it leads to the end not actually being the end. I guess now that Nyssa destroyed the pits it does change things, at least until someone whose power is resurrecting the dead shows up.

I like that they’re also looking to take down Darhk and HIVE from a different angle. Although, really, how much longer does Captain Lance have? Not very much, considering I’m almost positive that Darhk knows he’s two-timing him and working for the Green Arrow. I’m also pretty sure that they walked into one of Darhk’s traps last night and he now knows that Oliver is actually the Green Arrow, as well. No doubt in my mind now that the graveside flash forward from the first episode is Quentin Lance.

Overall, this episode was okay, and although it did move the HIVE and Darhk storylines along slightly, it still seemed a little like filler. I get that they’re building up to the massive cross-over event next episode, but maybe a little more meat to the storyline next time would help connect the dots a little better.

Arrow airs on Wednesday nights on The CW.

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  • Wade Ford

    I haven’t cared for Arrow since season 2 ended. If Constantine didn’t make a appearance i wouldn’t have bothered with this season.