Review: ‘Arrow’ S04E08 – ‘Legends Of Yesterday’

By December 3, 2015

On this week’s episode of Arrow, we learned that secrets are never a good thing, Malcolm can only be trusted as far as you can throw him and time travel is just like fight club. Let’s take a closer look at ‘Legends Of Yesterday,’ shall we?

Realizing that nowhere in either of the cities is safe, the gang whisk Carter and Kendra to a secluded farm outside of Central City. (How awesome was the Thea Avengers: Age Of Ultron comment?) While the Hawk-people discuss their options and work on releasing Kendra’s powers, Oliver and Barry are drawn into a meeting with Vandal Savage by a not so trustworthy Malcolm Merlyn. Merlyn says that he wants to meet with Savage because he’s an unknown and that’s what makes him dangerous to everyone, including his daughter. Savage insists that they bring Shiera and Khufu to him or he will kill everyone. The team of course refuses, and instead comes up with a plan to defeat Savage, that includes Cisco crating gauntlets that should help Barry use the Staff Of Horus against Savage. While doing his speed thing, Barry sees a ghost of himself, meaning that somewhere along the way he goes back in time, which doesn’t sit well with him. Every time he does that, bad things have a tendency to happen.

In the meantime, Oliver goes and confronts his former girlfriend who at first denies that Oliver is William’s father. Oliver manages to get some of the boy’s hair and has Barry run a DNA test, confirming his suspicions. William is his son. He confronts his former girlfriend again and this time confesses that Moira tried to pay her off about the baby, but she refused to cash the cheque. When Oliver insists he be a part of his son’s life, she relents but only on the condition that he not tell anyone about it, even Felicity. Speaking of which, Felicity gets suspicious about Oliver’s secrecy and confronts Barry. Barry gives in and shows her the DNA test he performed, not realizing the significance of it. Felicity then confronts (man, there were a lot of confrontations in this episode!) Oliver about it. They get into a huge fight about him keeping things from her and break up.

Barry, Oliver, Kendra and Carter head to their rendezvous with Savage, under the pretense that the heroes are bringing the Hawk-people as requested. Everything quickly goes to crap when Kendra is unable to bring forth her powers. Savage kills Carter and then her, before losing the staff to Barry. The gauntlets don’t work as they’re supposed to and the Green Arrow and The Flash are quickly losing the battle. Oliver convinces Barry that he’s fast enough to run away from the destruction. Barry finally relents and takes off and Savage unleashes the power of the staff and disintegrates everyone in the city, starting with Oliver. Just as the city is destroyed, Barry goes back in time and ends up back at the meeting with Savage that Merlyn set up.

Barry confides in Oliver what he did and how badly they failed. They come up with a new and better plan, one that involves everyone. Cisco helps Kendra understand her new self and her powers better and along with a flashback, where she sees Savage kill the original Shiera and Khufu, figures out a way to defeat Savage using magical meteor fragments. This time the plan goes off without a hitch as Kendra is able to bring forth her power, the gauntlets work and as a group they are able to distract Savage long enough to use the staff against him. In a rather anti-climactic sequence, Savage poofs into a pile of dust, which they conveniently just leave in the warehouse.

In the closing sequence, Oliver goes to visit his son, once again agreeing to his ex’s terms of not letting anyone, including Felicity know. (Because that’s not going to come back and bite him in the ass, or anything). We also see Malcolm, with a very cryptic monologue, scooping up what’s left of Savage and referring to him as ‘my friend.’


Okay, so the second half of this year’s big cross over event wasn’t quite as engaging as the first half, but it was still rather satisfying. First off, I am glad that the whole Legends Of Tomorrow set up seems to be over. While I am excited for the series, I think that both The Flash and Arrow did themselves a disservice by devoting so much of the first half of each of their seasons to exposition for the spinoff. Hopefully now they’ll be able to go back to telling their own stories and get on with this season’s character arcs. I think that Darhk and Zoom are pretty great foes respectively, and I can’t wait to move forward with those storylines.

I’ve got to say though, I really like it when everyone comes together. It’s kind of like a mini Justice League which is really cool. Everyone has amazing chemistry and it does kind of feel like family when they’re all together. I think that the showrunners wold be better served to having the shows crossover a bit more throughout the season. I’m not saying a huge event, like this one was, all the time. But a little nod or nudge would definitely not hurt.

But seriously, am I the only one who hates the Hawk costumes? Because they are terrible. I love the idea of the characters and think that they bring an interesting dynamic to the table, but those costumes have got to go. Also, I don’t find Falk Hentschel’s Carter Hall to be all that intimidating. Hawkman is supposed to be a really big, scary dude and he just doesn’t cut it for me. Maybe he’ll grow on me when Legends begins next month.

Overall, this was a pretty interesting crossover event and was definitely worth the hype. While the Arrow portion was a little bit of a letdown compared to its Flash counterpart, I think that the story was an interesting one that needed to be told. I’m interested to see how Savage is brought back to life and what kind of havoc he wreaks as the main antagonist on Legends next month. He’s an interesting character who definitely deserves better than the ending he got. Good thing no one ever really stays dead in this world.

Arrow airs on Wednesday nights on The CW.

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  • Chris Skalicky

    First off, Felicity needs to calm down. Oliver literally just found out that he was a father and she was treating him like he had known for years and was keeping it from her. He needed time to figure things ON HIS OWN first. Bad form Felicity. But yes, Oliver not telling her later is going to come back to bite him. As far as the Hawkman and Hawkgirl costumes. They were miles better than what Smallville did a while back (even though I loved Michael Shanks, that costume was crap). And I have to say I’m a little bit embarrassed I didn’t even think of Age of Ultron when Thea made that comment about the farmhouse. I knew it had to be something more recent but all I could think of was Smallville and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… Duh, Age of Ultron. Overall it was a solid crossover with some odd story arc inclusions such as Harrison Wells and his speed serum and then Oliver’s son. Those probably could have been better serviced in their own episodes. This crossover event should have put 100% of the focus on Vandal Savage. I still enjoyed the heck out of it!