Review: ‘Best Night Ever’ is Short On Laughs But Has Some Bright Spots

By February 1, 2014

You know I’m all about any film featuring a strong female cast and when I read the synopsis for Best Night Ever, I was admittedly curious.

Bride-to-be Claire (Desiree Hall), her sister Leslie (Samantha Colburn), fun-loving Zoe (Eddie Ritchard), and quirky new friend Janet (Crista Flanagan) set off to Las Vegas for a one-night bachelorette party that turns out to be more than they bargained for. A series of unexpected adventures rip them from the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas strip and places them smack dab in Vegas’ seedy underbelly. Determined to keep their bachelorette party dreams alive, the girls band together and embark on the wildest night in bachelorette party history. Fueled by sex and booze, this raunchy, riotously hilarious, out-of-control, blow-out is, for better or worse, all caught on tape. And is destined to go down as the Best Night Ever.

Since the film was touted as “from the people who brought you Paranormal Activity and Insidious” (aka Blumhouse Productions) and smelled like The Hangover meets Bridesmaids meets every found footage movie ever, I went in with an open mind that soon filled with hesitation. 

Before we go any further, check out the trailer.

The typical archetypes are present (the uptight one, the party monster, the weird one who crashes the trip, and the bride-to-be) and while the film does resemble The Hangover with a dash of Bridesmaids (and an OBVIOUSLY “borrowed” moment from Spring Breakers), it takes a left turn right at the start when the ladies aren’t able to stay in the planned $4,500-a-night penthouse suite thanks to credit card error. Due to a “shoe convention” happening at the same time, they’re forced to stay in a dirtbag hotel that you’d NEVER want to scan with a black light but the results are pretty hilarious.

The hotel’s a bust, they’re booted from a strip club for violating the “no touching” rule (because apparently poking a giant swinging penis with a finger to prevent it poking your eye out is a no-no), THEN they’re robbed at gunpoint from a valet they thought had drugs. All this happens under the watchful eye of a camera hidden in one of the handbags they manage to hold on to, and the chaos increases when the uptight one flips out and tackles the mugger who drops that bag…and, of course, the engagement ring is also stolen. They’re now broke and trapped in Vegas, and for various reasons, they can’t call home.


But my problem is the bride isn’t as panicked as one would think if someone was mugged and had their ring stolen, and only ONCE do they talk about getting the ring back. I’ve never been engaged but I would imagine I would freak the EFF OUT if my ring were taken from me…AT GUNPOINT. And the “four white girls being chased by an angry, naked, overweight African American woman throughout the halls of a hotel” premise is tired and stupid…which was a huge indicator two men wrote this script (that’d be Seltzer and Friedberg, the dudes behind Epic Movie, Date Movie, and those spoofs).

What I didn’t have a problem with, however, were the clips of the ladies messed up and having a ball in the clubs and the “bachelorette games” with challenges like “tickle an old man,” “scare someone,” and “get someone to give you a piggyback ride” as drunken revelry on the streets is pretty commonplace in Vegas, so women running around the strip doing all these things wouldn’t even garner a raised eyebrow. We all know the rules when it comes to Vegas.

I enjoyed the chemistry of the cast (Desiree Hall, Samantha Colburn, Eddie Ritchard and Christa Flanagan) and there were a couple of scenes (including singing 4 Non Blondes “What’s Up?” while hiding in a dumpster) that were laugh out loud funny, but other than that, they needed a stronger script and I wish the stakes would’ve been just a LITTLE bit higher. Had that happened, I would’ve been a little more invested.

Is it a horrible film? No.

Is it worth a full price movie ticket? Sadly, the answer is also no. But it’s definitely a Redbox/Netflix pick, for sure.

2.5 out of 5 stars.

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  • Laxy Del

    I like the total concept of this movie. I`m going to watch this. No problem if it`s not a full price movie.