Review: ‘DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’ S01E03 – ‘Blood Ties’

By February 5, 2016

On this week’s episode of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, we learned that Martin knows how to motivate (and lie really well), Captain Cold just may have a heart after all and that, as in all things, it’s all about the blood. Let’s take a closer look at ‘Blood Ties,’ shall we?

Since the team is trapped in 1975, due to damage sustained to the ship by the bounty hunter Cronus and Kendra’s deteriorating health, tensions are running high. Although they are unable to kill Savage, Sara convinces Rip that there are other ways to cripple Savage in the meantime. If they destroy Savage’s fortune, they will set his crusade back at least a couple of decades. Sara and Rip head to the bank where his money is stored, but they are made, as the bank is crawling with Savage’s men. Sara goes on a spectacular killing spree, which is so awesome, but is stopped from rendering the killing blow to the final man by Rip, who convinces her they need him alive. As they’re interrogating him, the truth that Rip has already tried to assassinate Savage in ancient Egypt, but hesitated and lost. Upon further interrogation, the flunky reveals that ‘the vessel’ that the bank was hiding is in fact Carter’s remains. Sara and Rip head to the party Savage is throwing and find Carter’s body, but before they can take it, Savage and his flunkies arrive. Savage then reveals that his power doesn’t actually come from his wealth, but from his followers. He then drinks Carter’s blood, and shares it with his followers, who manage to glean a hint of immortality off of it.

While this is happening, Dr. Stein and Ray decide to try and help Kendra, who is fading fast. There are fragments of the mystical dagger in her bloodstream that are headed towards her heart and if they reach their final destination, it will kill her. Ray decides to use his suit to shrink down to the cellular level and manually go in and destroy the fragments. Remember, they need Kendra alive, as she is the only one who can actually kill Savage with the dagger. Once inside, everything is going peachy until the ATOM suit sustains some damage. Ray panics and makes his way out of her body (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write!), refusing to go back in once the suit is repaired. A heart to heart with Martin has him changing his mind and he goes back in and saves the day. Was there really any doubt? A healed Kendra, who is obviously linked somehow to Carter even though he’s dead, sees a vision of Rip and Sara in trouble and they head out to the rescue.

As to the dynamic duo, whom I am completely in love with, since they are so rudely left out of the bank operation, Snart and Rory decide to head out on a quest of their own. First stop, Central City and the museum, where Snart sets his sights on a big ass emerald. The plan is to steal the emerald and give it to his father, before his father can break in and try to get it on his own. In the original timeline, Snart Sr. got himself pinched during the heist and spent five years in Iron Heights. Snart nabs the gem and takes it to his father, even though Jax and Mick don’t think him playing with the timeline is such a good idea. He manages to not blink himself out of existence, so I’ll take it as a win. When he gets Gideon to show him the new, altered timeline, it turns out that nothing actually changed. Snart Sr. was still arrested, this time for trying to fence the emerald. It seems that time has a way of fixing itself. In the climax, everyone converges on the party, just in the nick of time and they manage to defeat Savage’s men and grab Carter’s body. All by working as a team… did you get that lesson, boys and girls? It was rather heavy-handed this time around. While Rip does manage to kill Savage’s body this time, in vengeance for his wife and son, it seems that this is actually where Savage learns of them, their faces and their names. One of the issues of time travel. You never know when or where you’re going to be the catalyst of your worst nightmare. Anyway, Gideon then estimates that Savage next makes an appearance in 1986, and our legends are off to the future.


Okay, so this was a pretty good episode. I like the fact that each of the characters (or in this instance, pair of characters) have their own agenda and gets their own story arc in each of the episodes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell are worth the price of admission alone. They are deliciously ambiguous in their motivations and I love that bit of unpredictability. I also really like the fact that, when push comes to shove, they are actually part of the team. One of the highlights of this episode for me was actually the interaction between Ray and Martin. We all know that Victor Garber is a fantastic actor, but I’ve got to say, I don’t think that Brandon Routh gets the credit he deserves. His scenes when talking about Hannah, his dead fiancé, were heartbreaking. It also helps that he’s awfully pretty to look at. And can we just talk about how awesome Caity Lotz is? I was so disappointed when they killed Sara off on Arrow, because she was a kick ass woman. It was great to see Sara basically destroy the enemy just about single-handedly, but then resist the temptation to go all ‘monster’ on everyone. Baby steps on the way to redemption.

Overall, I think that this was a strong effort for the first episode outside of the pilot. It is still the chemistry of the cast that is the highlight of the show, although I do love the traipsing through time aspect a lot. And don’t even get me started on the costumes. Spectacular! Here’s hoping that the rest of the season keeps the momentum going Make sure to check back for updates—right here on Geek Nation.

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  • Wut

    Excuse me?

    Seriously “Okay, so this was a pretty good episode.”? Like… really?

    You DO realize, they could have chained almost-dead-wounded Savage and just keep him on the ship until Kendra stabs him, right? Or hell, throw him into before mentioned ‘limbo’? Or just dump him on Jupiter?

    And they just…let him go?