Review: ‘DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’ S01E04 – “White Knights”

By February 12, 2016

On this week’s episode of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, we learned that Ray might need more than a wing man, you should never trust a man from the future and sometimes it really is all about the timing. Let’s take a closer look at ‘White Knights,’ shall we?

On this week’s episode, we find our heroes in 1986. The plan this week is to break into the Pentagon and steal the original of a redacted file on Savage’s whereabouts. An elaborate plan involving janitor disguises, arm-wrestling and a zap of Firestorm’s powers is almost foiled by an out of control Kendra. Thankfully, they were able to grab the file in the melee and learn that Savage is actually in Moscow. As they plot a course to take them to Russia at the height of the cold war, they are shot down by Cronos, who managed to follow them through time. They crash land in the Soviet Union (I mean, how convenient is that?) They also learn that Savage is using a scientist, by the name of Valentina Vostok, although they’re not exactly sure for what. Ray suggests that he approach her as a scientist, while Snart just wants to kill her and get it over with. Guess who wins this argument? Ray goes in, with Snart as his wingman, and basically crashes and burns. Thankfully, Snart is full of charm and wins the lady over. He also manages to steal her key card for the lab she works at. The team heads to the lab to do a little reconnaissance. Martin goes in alone and discovers some creepy ass attempt to build the Soviet version of Firestorm. The encounter in the 70s triggered Savage’s desire to create the duplicate meta-human. Oops! They are so close, in fact, that they’ve developed a radiation containment chamber thingy that only Martin can destroy, you know, because of his powers. Valentina shows up and captures Snart, forcing Ray to put the core back online.

Martin decides to go ahead anyway, hoping his body can absorb the power. Thankfully, it works, but as he is about to leave, Valentina and the Soviets capture everyone. As is typical for this show, this turns into a massive brawl. With Ray, Mick and Martin captured, Snart manages to get away, but is told to retreat with the core, as Savage can’t get his hands on it. He manages to get it back to the ship, but is mighty pissed that Rip refused to send in backup. Valentina isn’t upset, however, since she has Martin, who is of course, one half of Firestorm and the original inventor of the core. (See, this time travel thing is kind of confusing). So, now it’s all about a prison break.

While this is going on, Rip and Mick head out to find Cronos, who has left a temporal anomaly in his wake. Much to Rip’s surprise, he doesn’t find Cronos, but a former colleague and teacher, known as time-master Druce. Druce tells him that Cronos died in the crash and then tries to persuade Rip to give up his crusade. In return, Rip will be pardoned for his crimes and the rest of the team will be returned to their time periods. No harm, no foul. Mick is having none of it, and is convinced that Druce’s plan is to lead them all to slaughter and end the whole thing. No one but Rip seems to be impressed by the offer. Rip goes to meet Druce, where he is captured by Cronos, who shockingly isn’t dead. Because it wasn’t like we all didn’t see that coming, or anything. But, Rip brought his own reinforcements and they manage to get away, but not before Jax gets seriously injured.

In the meantime, Sara is worried about Kendra and her little freak out. Kendra is unstable and can’t seem to control her demi-goddess side in the heat of the moment. Rip suggests that Sara help her work through her aggression, because if anyone knows about warrior training, it’s Ms. Lance. Kendra resists at first, but Sara is awfully persuasive and the two of them have a good old fashioned beat down. Sara refuses to let up and Kendra finally lets the beast out. She hits Sara and then regrets it and tries to help her, but Sara attacks and almost kills her. When Kendra finally gets through to Sara, she runs away. When Kendra asks Rip about why he put them together, he suggests that, since she’s the queen of resurrection, she might know a thing or two about rebirth and could help Sara find her humanity. A beneficial, symbiotic relationship type thing.

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Okay, so I really liked this episode. It managed to encompass a villain of the week, the search for Savage and a little bit about the time-masters and their quest to eliminate the team, all in one interesting package. While the hunt for Savage in and of itself is interesting, it’s once again the chemistry between the cast that steals the show. The way that they all just play off of one another is truly magic. The scenes between Caity Lotz and Ciara Renee were incredible, and I like the fact that two strong women needs help from each other to become whole. And that neither of them backs down when pressed. It’s great to see such interesting, yet damaged characters, trying to face their issues together. And speaking of amazing relationships, how awesome was that scene with Martin and his reasons for being so hard on Jax? I mean, Victor Garber is amazing anyway, but I absolutely love him in this role. His speech was touching and heartbreaking all at the same time. Just stunning. And, of course, what more can be said about how awesome Wentworth Miller is? I’ve got to say, Snart and Mick are probably my favorite part of this show. They are both amazing!

Overall, this was a solid episode. Unlike its sister shows, this one doesn’t seem to have filler episodes, which is a good thing. I guess that’s the bonus of having a shorter season. The pacing is perfect, with just enough intrigue and possibility to keep my entertained. So far, I’ve been really impressed with the show so far, and hopefully the showrunners will keep the momentum going. It doesn’t appear like they’re ready to slow down anytime soon, as next week’s episode looks to be of the prison break variety. You’ve got to love a show that is so self-aware that it winks and nods to an actor’s previous work. A little inside joke is never a bad thing.

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