Review: ‘DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’ S01E07 – “Marooned”

By March 4, 2016

On this week’s episode of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, we earned that love conquers all, at least in regards to career choices, Ray’s allergic to just about everything and sometimes people really do change. Let’s take a closer look at “Marooned,” shall we?

This week’s episode opens with the team trying to locate Vandal Savage’s whereabouts and the best time to make their move. They’ve been locked in the Wave Rider for a week, with Gideon needing a software upgrade. Needless to say, everyone’s a little antsy. They intercept a distress call from another time master, and decide to head to deep space to help. And also use the other ship to complete Gideon’s upgrade. Rip, Martin, Jax and Mick head to the other ship to help and investigate. After all, it may be a trap. The new ship’s self-destruct sequence gives Rip pause and apparently triggers flashbacks of Rip and his wife, Miranda’s, relationship.

While Martin stays behind on the shuttle, Rip, Jax and Mick enter the ship and are attacked by time pirates. Looks like it was a trap, after all. Turns out the pirates, who were being transported to prison, managed to escape and take over the ship, forcing the captain to destroy her time drive as per protocol, leaving them stranded in time and space.

Back on the Wave Rider, Ray, who is in charge, is doing his best captain of the Enterprise impression. The pirates send over an ultimatum. Either he gives up the Wave Rider, or the pirates kill the rest of the crew. Rip uses the transmission to trigger Gideon’s defense mode protocols, and the Wave Rider attacks. As this is happening, Martin realizes they’re under attack on goes into the ship to disable the weapon systems. Sadly, it isn’t before the pirates manage to punch a hole in the Wave Rider’s hull. Yeah, that’s going to be a problem, because they kind of need air to breathe in deep space. When Leonard and Sara go to see about fixing the hole, the bulkhead doors shut and they’re trapped. It gives the two of them some bonding time. Ray suits up and uses the ATOM suit to repair the hull. Good to know that thing can be used in space, too. While he is able to repair the breech, his lack of oxygen and the freezing temperatures cause him to pass out and go into cardiac arrest. Kendra freaks out and starts pounding on his chest, which thankfully works.

Rip, Mick and Jax are thrown in the brig, where tensions run high. Rip basically tells Mick that the only reason he was brought along was because he and Snart were a package deal. This pisses Mick off and he decides to make a deal with the pirates. He’ll give up the Wave Rider, if the pirates will return him to 2016 so he can tell Rip to shove his world saving plan where the sun don’t shine. The pirates beat on him, to make it look convincing, and he makes it look like he escaped.

He then takes the pirates with him when he boards the Wave Rider. Mick then gives Leonard the opportunity to choose a side, and Leonard attacks the pirates. See, there’s good in him. Mick heads for the time drive but is attacked, first by Sara and then by Leonard, who manages to capture him. In the meantime, Martin comes to the rescue and saves the rest of the crew from the brig. They then open the bulkhead doors, while holding on tight, and the pirates are swept into space.

This week’s episode also included some interesting flashbacks that consisted of Rip and Miranda’s relationship and how it came to be. Turned out that Miranda actually gave up her post as a time master, taking full responsibility for their relationship. Her love for Rip was more important than anything else… blah, blah, blah. They decide to stay together, with Rip continuing to be a time master, and we all know how that turned out.

As the episode comes to an end, the team is given a time and place to find Vandal Savage. Kendra and Ray then share a moment and a kiss. I guess the old adage, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s (almost) gone, comes into play. While the rest of the crew tries to decide what to do with Mick, Leonard tells them he will handle it. Leonard then takes Mick to the middle of nowhere and they have a chat. When Mick suggests that only one of them is getting out of there alive, Leonard agrees, before firing his weapon.

marooned 2

Okay, so I actually really liked this episode. It kind of reminded me of one of my favorite episodes of Firefly, entitled Out Of Gas (I’m still devastated by its cancellation 13 years ago! Man, am I old… and seriously, if you haven’t watched Firefly, please, go and do it. It’s so amazing). Although this episode had nothing to do with the search for Savage, other than the need for Gideon’s software upgrade, I still found it engaging. It’s once again due to the cast, who was pretty spectacular tonight.

I loved the scene where Leonard and Sara were basically dying and they had their heart to heart. Of course, it helps that I absolutely love Wentworth Miller and Caity Lotz, so there’s that. And the Martin coming to the rescue stuff was fantastic. I’m glad that Victor Garber got to be fun and the hero tonight. He is often the serious one, so seeing this playful side of him was delightful. I’m also not a shipper, at all, but I have to say I don’t mind Kendra and Ray together. (I also really liked Ray with Felicity, and would have preferred it if she had chosen him, but, whatever!) While I’m not sure the series needs a relationship added to the mix, I’m okay with it. And, how amazing was the Leonard and mick stuff? Of everyone, these two have the most incredible chemistry. It’ll be interesting to see the fallout from this episode, and I’ve got to believe that Mick isn’t really dead.

Overall, this was a good episode. It was something a little different, which was a nice change of pace. Although some might consider it filler, I think it was the perfect time to focus on something outside of the search for Savage. For me, as long as the storyline is engaging, I don’t need it to stick like glue to the main story arc. It’s only when they veer completely off course that I get annoyed. So far, Legends Of Tomorrow has managed to hold my attention. Let’s hope it stay that way.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs every Thursday night on the CW.

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