Review: ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Episode 6 – “The Good Man”

By October 5, 2015

On the season finale of Fear The Walking Dead, not only did we finally get some zombie action, but we learned that dead men don’t need cuff-links, maybe you should think your plan through a little more thoroughly and everyone has a breaking point. Let’s take a closer look at ‘The Good Man,’ shall we?

This week’s episode opens with everyone preparing to get the hell out of Dodge. Thanks to soldier Andy, our ragtag group knows that the military is set to evacuate the city, while ‘humanely terminating’ of the survivors. The plan is to break into the complex, rescue Nick, Liza and Griselda and head east into the desert. Daniel decides to kill Andy, given that he’s no longer useful, but instead he lets Andy and Travis talk him into taking him with them. There’s no way they will be able to navigate inside the compound without him. Reluctantly Daniel agrees. As they’re heading out, Andy talks Travis into letting him go, because they both know that in the end Daniel will kill him. (We all know that this is going to come back and bite him in the butt, but more on that later).

Back at the compound, Strand decides to make his move and he and Nick escape, refusing to take any of the others with them. At the same time, Dr. Exner readies the hospital ward for evac and asks Liza who she wants to take with her. Liza of course says Chris and Travis. No love lost between her and Maddie and the kids, apparently.

In one of the best scenes of the series, we see Daniel walk towards the front gate of the compound. When the soldiers on the wall confront him, he suggests they save their ammunition as a horde of walkers come into the frame. As was suggested last week, the 2000 zombies in the arena have been let loose as a distraction for the rescue mission, and possibly a little payback for the callous treatment at the hands of the military. Of course, all hell breaks loose.

The group uses the distraction to break into the compound, leaving Chris and Alicia in the parkade with the supplies while the others go in search. Chaos ensues as walkers break into the building and start feasting on anyone they can get their hands on. Eventually everyone finds one another, including Liza, who was given the opportunity to evacuate but passed it up. She’s the one who informs the Salazar’s the Griselda didn’t make it. They all manage to make it out alive, amid a number of zombie attacks and close calls. In the parkade, the group is confronted by Andy, who is back for a little revenge. Instead of shooting Daniel, however, he shots Ofelia. I guess his thinking is that killing his daughter will be much more painful than actually hurting the man himself. Travis loses it and beats Andy to a pulp, obviously feeling betrayed after he showed the soldier mercy earlier.

Strand convinces the group to give up their plans of heading into the desert, because he knows it’s not safe. Instead, they head west, to his very large and luxurious house on the water. Once there, Nick confronts him about staying, but Strand is still convinced it’s not safe and directs his gaze towards the yacht that it moored off the coast.

Meanwhile Maddie notices Liza acting kind of strange and follows her when she wanders out to the cliffs. Turns out that she was bitten back at the compound and begs Maddie to kill her. She says that if she asks Travis to do it, he will, but it will break him. Travis shows up and tries to talk Liza out of it, saying they can find a cure. Liza knows that it’s not going to happen, that the infection will kill her and she will turn. The scene cuts to the house, where Alicia and Chris are hanging out, when a gunshot rings out. They run to the cliffs, where Chris finds his mom’s body. We then cut to a devastated Travis who falls into the surf while Maddie tries to comfort him.


Oh, boy, what an episode and a fantastic way to end the season. I’ll admit, the slow burn of the previous episodes was a little too slow for my liking, but since it all led to this ending, I can’t really complain. There were a couple of misfires in the episode, like the little scene in the parking garage where the soldiers burst in and threatened Chris and Alicia. I like the fact that Chris absolutely stood up for her, when it seemed like the soldiers were going to abduct and possibly rape her, although overall the scene felt a little out of place and forced. And then to have it end and be over, with virtually no consequences that we can see, makes one wonder what the point of including it was at all.

I also really loved Travis’ evolution over the course of the season. He had a tendency to be a bit of a one note character, so it was fascinating to see him finally snap. And the final scene was absolutely heartbreaking. It will be interesting to see how these events shape his character moving forward. Also really glad to see Strand included in the group, as he seems to be the only one who truly understands what’s really going on. I liked his rapport with Maddie and I’m interested to see how that develops as we move along. He’s definitely an interesting character, and is probably the one I’m most interested in at this point.

Overall, I liked this series as it is an alternate look at the zombie apocalypse that we’ve come to know and love through the original series. While it had its share of head scratching moments, as a whole, the show was entertaining and led us somewhere interesting. It seems that the plan moving forward is to head out on the water, (which is the first thing I would have done if faced with the zombie apocalypse and have thought was the best option since I started watch the original series all those years ago) and see where that takes them. It’s definitely a different direction from the original series, which is a good thing, because it’s way too easy to play the comparison game. This way we’ll get a whole new dynamic. Zombie pirates, anyone?

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  • Hendy Suz

    I think Strand is satan. If this were a Stephen King novel, Strand would be the quintessential ‘Randall Flag’ character. Only Satan is going to wear a suit when armagedon comes.

    • Erin Parisien

      I like it! 🙂