Review: Roger Corman’s Piranhaconda on Syfy

By June 14, 2012

It seems like only Roger Corman and Syfy could come up with something as ridiculous as Piranhaconda and make it so craptastically amazing! Imagine the teeth of a piranha added to the body of an insanely large anaconda (yes, large even for an anaconda). Throw in the horrible special effects Syfy original movies for which are famous and you’ve got Piranhaconda, a film determined to make you have a good time rolling in the floor laughing.

I would usually explain the plot of the film here, but it’s Piranhaconda. The title tells you all you need to know. If you somehow feel like you need to know more anyway, this ought to do it: It’s a Syfy original film where a big piranhaconda goes around eating people. The end.

I have been truly blessed in that I received a screener copy of the film and, lo and behold, not all of the special effects had been added yet. Watching Piranhaconda without special effects is freakin’ hilarious, as I’m sure it will be with the effects as well. It’s like watching an insane psychological film: You see people freaking out, running, and flailing at something, but when the view shifts to what they’re looking at/fighting, there’s nothing there! It’s up to you and your imagination to fill in the blank spots. Now I have to watch the film when it airs just to confirm what the hell is supposed to be happening! Don’t worry, I’m sure all the SFX will be in place by the time it airs on TV so you’ll get to see every fake blood squirt, splat, and body parts flying around.

Not all Syfy original films are winners, but Piranhaconda is. The threadbare plot, corny acting, and beautiful monster come together nicely to form an entertaining crapfest. It’s full of cheesy fun best shared with friends. Hopefully we’ll see a sequel in the future… maybe a Boacuda?

Piranhaconda will air on the Syfy channel this Saturday, June 16, 2012 at 9pm ET/PT.

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