Review: Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)!

By June 5, 2012


Snow White gets a modern day makeover in Snow White and the Huntsman, transforming her into more of a badass…of course, since princesses are usually depicted as sweet, helpless, ladies of pure virtue who can’t save themselves, the slightest deviation can make someone look like a badass comparatively. While this film’s darker version of Snow White creates a stronger female, she still isn’t an action chick.

Snow White and the Huntsman turns the typical romantic fairly tale into a more appealing, less romantic version. Snow White (Kristen Stewart) has been held captive since a small child by her step-mother and evil Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron). Ravenna commands magical powers that allow her to drain a girl’s youth to sustain her own, keeping her the fairest of them all…until Snow White finally comes of age. The mirror on the wall informs Ravenna that Snow will be the end of her unless she consumes her heart, also giving her immortality. Talk about a two for one deal- get rid of your enemy and become immortal!

Snow escapes into the Dark Forest before the Queen can eat her heart, like a wild animal. Ravenna sends the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to bring Snow back to her, but probably should have taken into account the attractiveness of both people, as the Huntsman soon decides to side with Snow against the evil Queenie.


The story of Snow White and the Huntsman runs pretty thin, but the action provides the meat of the film by creating battles consistently throughout. Plus, seeing Chris Hemsworth in action is always captivating to this Chick. The action scenes did suffer from too many quick cuts, leaving the audience guessing as to who just died and what just happened. Thankfully, the who and what are often irrelevant to the film’s lackluster story.

There are only a handful of characters that matter, and you barely become attached to any of them due to poor character development. The story is very straight forward but didn’t really follow through on anything, like the hinted-at-but-ultimately-abandoned love story, or Snow’s quest of becoming a warrior, both of which are storylines that leave you feeling blue-balled. On the other hand, the film’s setting and special effects look crisp, clean, and beautiful, as do stars Theron and Hemsworth.


Despite the story’s many flaws, its unique, action-oriented take on the traditional fairy tale and solid performances from Theron and Hemsworth, help save it from being lost in the woods of mediocrity.

One thing holding me back from loving the film is the fact that I’m not a big fan of Kristen Stewart. With all the talk of how beautiful Snow White is, Stewart doesn’t cut it for me. She’s attractive, no doubt, and performed pretty well, but I don’t find her the “fairest of them all.” In fact, I wasn’t enchanted by her beauty or performance.

Action Rating: 3 ½ Poison Apples, out of 5!

Have you seen the film? Do you like Kristen Stewart? What are your thoughts?

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