Review: Star Wars Rebels S02E15 – “The Call”

By February 11, 2016

On this week’s episode of Star Wars: Rebels, the crew is desperate need of some fuel, Space Whales(!), and Ezra makes some new friends. Let’s dive into this week’s episode, ‘The Call’.

The crew of the Ghost is once again on a very special (and important) mission for the Rebel fleet. They are running low on fuel so they are off to intercept a shipment of fuel that is being prepared for the Empire. How they know about this shipment I’m not sure, but I assume spies. Probably Bothan’s. But the real question is, how many died to bring them this information?…Sorry…not really.

So the crew is off to locate the mining facility which just so happens to be located in an asteroid field. They are extremely low on power, trying to conserve as much energy as possible, so they are essentially drifting in the coldness of space looking for something without virtually any sensors or readings.  Things start to get interesting once Ezra hears something unusual that for some reason the rest of the crew cannot hear. Perhaps he sensed it through the Force? It’s not too long before they see exactly what Ezra was hearing. Space whales!! Well, technically they are called purrgil but I kind of like space whales myself. There’s a whole herd (school?) of them heading straight for the Ghost. Yikes!

Hera is not a fan of the purrgil. She believes that they are dangerous and pose an imminent threat to them. She’s seen too many ships get ripped apart and friends die because of the purrgil.  Hera’s ready and willing to take action and open fire. But there are a couple of factors at play that make this a bad idea. Most importantly, they are low on power so to open fire would drain much of their remaining power leaving them stranded. Ezra also has a feeling about the purrgil and he does not wish them to be harmed. It may not have been an important reason in the moment but it definitely turned out to the be the right decision later. Also, I would be worried that the purrgil would start attacking if the Ghost opened fire. And with limited power for maneuverability they would be toast.

Ezra then has the brilliant idea to fly with the purgill instead of flying straight into them. Things are calm for a bit until a couple of modified TIE fighters from the mining facility show up. They are actually there to take out the purgill but they engage in combat with the Ghost once they see it. By sparing as much power as they can, the crew is able to take out the fighters. Sabine is then able to determine where the fighters came from and it just so happens to be from the same direction that the purrgil are heading. To Hera’s dismay they follow the purrgil. I understand why she doesn’t like them but I was a bit surprised she was so ready and willing to just take out a creature that is just minding their own business. Sure, they can be dangerous but just to start killing them out of her pure dislike of them just didn’t seem like our Hera. That’s just another side of her that we have yet to experience.

All through these early sequences we see Kanan completely trust Ezra’s judgement about the purrgil. Ezra is no longer the street rat that he was in the first season he has grown as a character and with the Force. We see that with each mission that the team goes on. He’s a valued member of the team. He’s not just some kid who tags along. The team respects him and I as an audience member respects his character more because of it.

Once they locate the mining facility, it’s up to Kanan, Sabine, Ezra and Chopper to secure the platform so that Hera can land, refuel and load the cargo. Easier said than done. They must jump from low orbit to be able to reach the platform. This was a pretty cool sequence of the four of them flying through the air with the purgills flying alongside them. Ezra continues to form a bond between himself and the purrgil. He also realizes that there is some sort of  a connection between them and the gas. It turns out, they use that stuff to breathe as it allows them to continue their long journeys through space. It’s a good thing Sabine didn’t toss those detonators into the gas. Also, wouldn’t that have caused a massive explosion pretty much destroying that whole planetoid? That didn’t really make sense on why that was even an option.

In his effort to help secure the landing platform, Ezra gets knocked off into the gas below. Fortunately, he lands on one of the many purrgil below. This where Ezra finally connects with the space whales. He could see their thoughts. Whether it was Force related, some natural ability of the creatures, or a combination of the two that was a pretty cool scene. The blue effect on their eyes as they went into that sort of trance was also very reminiscent of something very familiar to Star Wars, alluding to what would happen at the end of the episode.

With the backup of the purrgil, the crew is able to accomplish their mission and save the purrgil from being terrorized by those minors. The purrgil pulled their own weight that’s for sure. They took down some TIE fighters and heck, one of them even ate the guy that was in charge of the station.

There was only one thing that was kind of a head scratcher. How did Kanan and Ezra not going flying off into space when the Ghost left the planetoid? Let alone survive without a full space suit. These are the things I think about.

This was a really fun episode and we learned about a completely new creature in the Star Wars universe, the purrgill. They were the inspiration behind space travel. We also learn that they can travel in hyperspace. That was so cool. I wondered if there might be some connection with hyperspace travel back when they had that connection with Ezra. Their eyes were very reminiscent of what entering hyperspace looks like. This was another fun team episode as everyone had their part to play. I’ve enjoyed these last few episode, but let’s back to fighting the Empire!

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  • Tim Morrison

    I’m just geeking out about the fact after 20-30 years of them simple being called “the hyperspace aliens” and we having no idea what that was we finally see them!