Review: Star Wars Rebels S2 Ep 10 – ‘A Princess on Lothal’

By January 21, 2016

After a short break Star Wars Rebels is back with all new episodes. This week in Rebels Ezra needs a distraction from the devastating news about his parents, the Rebel Alliance needs new ship, and a familiar face pops up to provide some assistance.

This episode picks up right where the last one left off. Ezra has just learned that his parents were dead from Governor Azadi. He is trying to process this revelation while Kanan is trying to figure out exactly how he and the group will be able to help Ezra through this trying time. The short term answer is another mission. Hera informed Kanan that an ally has three ships they want to supply the Alliance with and Kanan and Ezra are needed on point. It’s not exactly a long term solution for dealing with Ezra’s pain but in the short term it will keep his mind occupied.

These three ships aren’t coming from just anyone. Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan relayed the message to the Rebel fleet and he is sending a representative along with the ships as some diplomacy well be needed to get the ships through the Imperial blockade on Lothal. And that representative is none other than Princess Leia!

This was a different Leia than we have seen before. Don’t get me wrong this was very much the Leia that we have grown to love over the years, but she is in a very different time in her life that we have ever seen before. She is a teenager. This Leia hasn’t yet had to endure the years of fighting and rebelling. She hasn’t yet been hardened by war. And that’s not to say that she isn’t a kind and caring person later in life but you can definitely tell in the films that the fight against the Empire has affected her.

In her appearance in Rebels Leia no doubt knows exactly what she is doing. She comes up with the plan of how the rebels are going to “steal” her ship. She is very careful to not let any Imperials see her as assisting the rebels. If they do see her helping them they are taken out rather quickly. Leia also uses her position to throw the Imperial officer on Lothal off balance where he has no time to question any of her actions. Leia and Ezra also have some nice moments together where she shares with him that even though she is a Princess and has all these luxuries and privileges she doesn’t sit back and do nothing. She uses that to her advantage to assist the rebels anyway that she can.

Princess Leia

Leia was at the forefront of this episode and the rest of our heroes were there to help support her and get those ships. Each team member still had their moment. Zeb got to knock out Kanan and Ezra. You knew he was going to enjoy that one! Sabine got to blow stuff up. Hera continue to kick ass in the Ghost. Chopper helped free a ship or two. Ezra showed off his Jedi skill. And then of course Kanan busted out his lightsaber to take down an Imperial Walker! That’s a new one!

I want to talk just a bit about Governor Azadi. He endured years of torture and pain in an Imperial prison, so when Kanan first asked him to join back in the fight he said no. He didn’t want to risk getting caught and thrown into prison again. It would have been more than he could bare and understandable so. But when he was apprehended by the Stormtroopers he was thrust back into the middle of the fight. He was reluctant to help out the Rebels but he agreed to help just this once as it was going to take everyone to get those three ships off of Lothal. But then he saw Kanan wield a lightsaber and he realized that he had been fighting alongside a Jedi. I believe that was the moment Governor Azadi changed his mind. He was going to join the Rebel Alliance. He had hope again. Just the way he said “a Jedi”. It was surprise and it was hopeful. In addition to crippling the Empire at every chance they get, that’s something else our group of Rebels do. They inspire hope in those who have lost theirs or have none at all.

A Princess on Lothal was a solid episode. It didn’t necessarily carry on the greater mythology of the Star Wars universe. It was a ‘mission of the week’ so to speak but it was a very important one. They expanded their fleet. We saw how others across the galaxy are doing their part in fighting against the Empire in Princess Leia. Plus, we find out that Leia loves giving out medals. I guess cadets (nor Wookies) qualify however. It may not have exactly furthered the greater story but it showed us what the Rebel Alliance must do to grow and survive the fight against the Empire.

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