Review: Star Wars Rebels S2 Ep7 – ‘Stealth Strike’

By November 26, 2015

This week’s episode of Star Wars Rebels ‘Stealth Strike’ highlights Ezra’s growing abilities as a young Jedi, Kanan and Rex are forced to work together and the Empire has a new weapon. This episode also took several potshots at the ineffectiveness of the Stormtroopers and it was amazing.

Commander Sato and Ezra are on a mission looking for a missing patrol ship, and they quickly find out what happened to it as the same thing happens to them. Their ship is pulled out of hyperspace by a new ship that the Empire is testing. This new ship has powerful gravity wells that are able to pull a ship right out of hyperspace. Talk about pulling some G’s. With them captured it’s up to the rest of our Rebel heroes to rescue them, but not all of them. Hera sends Kanan and Rex after Commander Sato and Ezra.

Kanan still doesn’t quite trust Rex, or at the very least he just doesn’t like him. I was glad to see Kanan back in the action this week as we haven’t seen him much in the past few episodes, and I am thrilled that Rex is still around. He was great character in The Clone Wars and his presence continues to solidify the connection between it and Rebels.

It’s up to Kanan and Rex to infiltrate this new ship and rescue Sato and Ezra and hopefully destroy the gravity well, and of course they use a classic Star Wars disguise…Stormtrooper armor. The winks, nods and just blatant references to how bad the Stormtroopers and their armor is throughout the episode was hysterical. We all know how bad the Stormtroopers are and I love how this show (particularly Rex) constantly brings it up.

Kanan and Rex are now suited up and on their way in a stolen Imperial Shuttle in which Sabine has added an amazing piece of art (or “artistic expression” as Rex calls it) of the two of them in battle. It was beautiful in more ways than one. There was also a nice little callback to Commander Cody as Rex mentions that the two of them practically invented all the codes and protocol that the Empire uses. I loved the banter between the two of them this episode. When Kanan used his Jedi mind trick on those Stormtrooper I got a kick out of Rex’s reaction, “Not bad…I’ve seen better.”. Rex is the best.

While the two of them are on their way, Commander Sato and Ezra have been brought before the ship’s Admiral and Ezra uses his Jabba the Hutt line which has now made its way around so now everyone knows that it’s actually Ezra Bridger. Or at least the Admiral and Agent Kallus knew exactly who it was. Commander Sato still doesn’t know quite what to think of Ezra and his usefulness, but we get to see exactly how much Ezra’s abilities have advanced and that he is very capable albeit unorthodox in his methods at times.

Ezra is able to free himself from his armed escort taking out those three Stormtroopers with ease (or without killing them I might add). I’ve never seen someone ignite a lightsaber with the force before. That was new. Then we get possibly the funniest moment of the episode. Ezra stuns Kanan and Rex not knowing it’s them and while trying to act like they were in this big firefight that knocked them out, Chopper projects a looping hologram of Ezra stunning the two of them. That was the best. Chopper is such an ass. He wasn’t about to let Ezra get away with that fib. The truth was too good. Then you had Rex actually getting a kick out of it followed by a great line from Kanan, “This armor doesn’t protect you from anything”. Right you are Kanan. Right you are.

Now that Ezra’s free all they have to do now is find Commander Sato and his crew and destroy the gravity wells, so the group splits up. Ezra and Chopper make their way to take care of the gravity well generators and Kanan and Rex go free Sato and his crew. What follows is a series of some exciting action scenes. As Chopper is taking care of the gravity wells Ezra distracts the Imperial crew members manning the generator. Not only does Chopper take care of the gravity wells he shuts off the gravity in the room which gives Ezra the upper hand (kind of) and then turns it back on dropping those Imperials hundreds of feet to their death. The little droid acted like it was no big thing. No one better cross Chopper he’ll take you out!

We then get to see Kanan and Rex finally working together to free Sato and get them back to their blockade runner. We got another great scene and potshot at the Stormtroopers. Rex had trouble hitting his targets because the he couldn’t see wearing that helmet. Then you had them working together taking out the troopers, “I’ll pull. You fire…just like old times”. Seeing Kanan pulling the Stormtroopers out from around the corner as Rex took them out was great!

As the group was escaping, Ezra also showed off his skills as he led Sato and his men down a corridor full of Stormtroopers. He has really progressed in his skills in such a relatively short time. Commander Sato was actually very surprised and impressed with what Ezra was able to do.

I was actually a little worried when Rex went on his own to allow the rest of the team to escape. Especially after the look on Kanan’s face when we saw Rex being tortured. I thought he sensed Rex’s life slipping away. Now, I didn’t truly didn’t think Rex would go out that way but I was still worried. I’m glad Kanan went back for Rex showing us that Kanan’s perception of him was changing. “Nice to know you care’… ‘don’t ruin this’”.

Chopper also went above and beyond by adjusting the gravity wells to pull in the Imperial cruisers as well destroying all the Imperial ships. That little droid has really become a member of the Rebel Alliance. He’s thinking like a Rebel.

This episode was so much fun to watch. Apart from the Siege of Lothal this is probably my favorite episode of the season. It was full of action and adventure and just plain fun to watch. I was actually thinking that this episode could have been titled ‘A Better Class of Soldier’ calling back to Rex’s line from his first appearance earlier this season. We saw how much better a soldier Rex was than the Stormtroopers, how poor the Stormtroopers armor and training are, and that Ezra is actually a very capable young Jedi. He’s a better soldier than some people give him credit for.

Star Wars Rebels airs on Disney XD on Wednesday nights.

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