Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S4 Ep8 – ‘The War of Dimension X’

By February 1, 2016

On this week’s episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we learn the difference between and Utrom and a Kraang, the Turtles once again team up with the Salamandrians, and Savage Mikey is back! Let’s take a look back at The War of Dimension X!

This week we start off by being reintroduced to the two Salamandrians that we met earlier this season, Commander Sal and Mona Lisa. They are in Dimension X in hopes to convince the Kraang to ally with them against the Triceratons. Sal and Mona try to convince Iago…I mean Kraang Subprime that they need to join in the fight to stop the Triceraton. Kraang Subprime is having none of that as the Kraang are constantly moving from world to world in order to evade the Triceratons. But once Mona lets slip that maybe that they should seek out the help of the Turtles instead, that lands them a one-way trip to a Kraang holding cell.

Meanwhile, the Turtles and Professor Honeycutt are off to make contact with the Utrom to seek assistance in locating the final two pieces of the black hole device. No April and Casey this time. They have to hang back on the Fugitoid’s ship to keep an eye on the first piece of the generator. The Turtles have a little goofing around time as Donnie tries to explain the science of a black hole to Mikey. Needless to say, he’s having a little trouble. Science “stuff” isn’t exactly his strong suite unless you count doing the Robot (which of course Mikey does), which he is pretty good at. The Turtles and the Fugitoid all have a little chuckle at this before getting back to business. I like these little moments where the brothers are acting like brothers, teasing each other and having a laugh. But then they get serious when they need to get serious (well, most of the time).

The Turtles jump into Dimension X, which of course can mean only one thing. Michelangelo is smart again for as we have learned over the past few seasons that whenever Mikey is in Dimension X he becomes infinitely smarter and even more of an all-around bad ass. He does a quick change into his obligatory Savage Mikey outfit. Dimension X is messing with the Fugitoid’s scanners so he’s not able to latch on to the Utrom signal, so it’s up to Michelangelo to lead the way.

The Turtles find the Utrom’s cloaked base and they run into Bishop. Because of the time travel, Bishiop has not yet met the Turtles so he does not recognize them. Fortunately, Professor Honeycutt knows a secret handshake that reveals that they are friends. I gathered that the last time that he and Bishop had met was when he had his human body since Bishop did not recognize him right away. Bishop then takes them before the Sacred High Counsel of the Utrom where we meet Pawn, Rook (Irma) and Queen (Ms. Campbell). This scene also gave is a little more backstory on the Utrom and the Kraang giving further clarification on the distinction between the two.

The Utrom are actually the species of the Kraang. Years ago an Utrom scientist named Kraang discovered the mutagen and its effects. Kraang used the mutagen to become Kraang Prime and created slave copies of the Utrom. Those copies are the enemies that we (and the Turtles) know as the Kraang. It also explain why they all talk and act the same almost as a hive. The Utrom members of the council all have their own voice and personality unlike the Kraang clones.

The Utrom Counsel are aware of the Turtles and their ongoing fight against the Kraang and agree to a discussion about helping the Turtles destroy the Heart of Darkness. The Utrom seem to like discussion (as well as parliamentary procedure) as they set what seems to be a very long schedule to talk over their options. All I could think of when watching this scene of them talking about talking and long discussions was the Entmoot scenes in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers where Merry and Pippin were awaiting the Ents’ decision. The Turtles plead with them to make their decision much sooner but before they can get an answer from the Utrom, Kraang portals begin opening up and Kraang Subprime and his soldiers appear.

During the fight Raph and Mikey follow some of the Kraang back through one of the portals taking them to the base that the Sal and Mona Lisa are being held. Of course as soon as Raph sees Mona locked away he stops at nothing to opening her cell. Mona immediately grabs Raph and gives him a big ole’ kiss. I just have to laugh at how Raph is getting all the action lately (and so soon after meeting Mona). For seasons Donnie has been crushing hard on April and Leo on Korai and the most they’ve ever received in return is maybe a kiss on the cheek as a thank you. Granted both Donnie and Leo are crushing on human girls while Raph has the hots for an alien salamander but its’ still pretty hilarious that Raph is having all the success.

But it’s no time for kissy-face, as Mikey put it, they have to get to the Utrom Queen who was captured by the Queen. Aligning with the Utrom’s (not the Kraang) is the only way to get a head start on locating the final two pieces of the Heart of Darkness before the Triceratons.

Raph, Mikey, Sal and Mona locate the Utrom Queen and re-enter the battle against the Kraang alongside Leo, Donnie, the Fugitoid, Bishop and the other Utrom’s. The battle rages on as the Turtles are engaged in an epic battle against the Kraang. Ok, I have to mention the Dracotroid. The two-headed dragon-like robot. I know we have seen that thing show up several times going back I don’t know how far, but it reminds me of a somewhat obscure Turtles villain from the 80s/90s cartoon, Herman the Horrible. Anyone? All you Turtles fans of old, did you think of that character when that creature first appeared way back when? If you know who I’m talking about, major props. He was a villain the Turtleoids episodes. I have no idea if the Dracotroid was meant to be a reference to that, but I like to think so. Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled review.

Bishop and Kraang Subprime are locked in battle and we learn that at one point he used to be Knight, a member of the Utrom High Counsel. Raph and Mona Lisa end up riding the Dracotroid which reminded me a bit of Rough Nut and Tough Nut from How to Train Your Dragon. Before anything else can happen, the Fugitoid asks Rook (Irma) for the locations of the final two pieces of the Heart of Darkness. She agrees to tell him but before she divulges their location her head gets blown off. To which Professor Honeycutt responds, “Oh, that’s always the way, isn’t it.” Yeah, Professor. Peoples’ heads always get blown off right before they tell you something important.

The Turtles and the Salamandrians fight off the Kraang and Bishop reveals to the group the locations of the last two generator pieces. Raph asks Mona out on a date. And for some reason Leo questions Raph’s attraction to an alien lizard. Donnie has to explain it to him and then Mikey tells Raph that THIS is the time for kissy-nose. Raph’s starts to go off on Mikey but not before Mona wraps her tail around him and gives him a big ole’ kiss. HA!

Another solid episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They are gathering more allies as well as the location of the remaining pieces of the black hole generator. The Kraang are back into the fold as well as the Salamandrians. This show continues to just be a whole lot of fun!

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