Review: ‘The Flash’ S02E04 – ‘The Fury Of The Firestorm’

By October 28, 2015

On this week’s episode of The Flash, we learned that Robbie Amell got the short end of the stick, a new romance is in the air in Central City and the showrunners are willing to go in directions not previously seen. Let’s take a closer look at ‘The Fury Of Firestorm,’ shall we?

The death of Ronnie Raymond is still affecting the group, this time in the form of Dr. Stein. He’s dying, because the Firestorm matrix has become unstable without it’s other half. Without Ronnie there to stabilize his atoms, he’s basically a goner. The team must find a viable candidate to replace Ronnie and reunite Firestorm. Caitlin narrows the choices down to two; Henry Hewitt and Jefferson ‘Jax’ Jackson. Hewitt is a scientist and Caitlin’s first choice, but everyone is disappointed when the merge doesn’t work. Hewitt storms off, angry that everyone got his hopes up, but as he’s leaving, we get a quick glimpse of the matrix in him.

Barry and Martin go and see Jax, but he initially refuses to join them, wanting to remain normal. When an angry, jealous Hewitt goes on a rampage, Jax agrees to the merger and he and Stein become the new Firestorm. With the help of Barry, they are able to subdue Hewitt. The new Firestorm then flies off into the sunset, the excuse that they will be returning to Dr. Stein’s friend who helped him and Ronnie previously. Of course, we all know it’s because they are going to show up later this year on Legends Of Tomorrow.

In other Central City news, Iris agrees to meet with her newly arrived, previously thought dead, turned out she was a junkie that left, mother, Francine. When the women come face to face, Iris makes it perfectly clear that she wants nothing to do with her and walks away. Francine then tells Joe that the reason she’s back is because she’s dying and wanted to have some sort of relationship with her daughter before the end. Joe tells Iris, who then decides to dig into her mother’s past. Turns out that Francine had a baby boy about 8 months after she left Central City. Meaning, folks, that Wally West, our third Flash, is out there somewhere and will probably be making his way home by the end of the season.

On the how-cute-are-they front, Patty and Barry share an awkward moment while discussing shark teeth found at a crime scene. Barry promises to run some tests on them, just as Joe makes a comment about their budding relationship. Joe tells Barry that it’s okay to let his first love, Iris, go, because moving on is not necessarily a bad thing. Just as Barry, in his Flash suit, decides to go for it, he’s grabbed by King Shark! Yup, they totally went there, which isn’t surprising, given that we’ve already been introduced to Gorilla Grodd. King Shark has, of course, been sent by Zoom to kill the Flash. A shocked Patty sees the attack and pulls out her gun (because that worked so well the last time!), which is not surprisingly, ineffective. Barry is saved, however, by a cloaked figure who turns out to be Harrison Wells. Earth-2’s Harrison Wells, that is, who we saw come through one of the portals at the end of last week’s episode.

the flash man shark body imageSo, overall, I actually really liked this episode, even though the majority of the storylines were actually set-up for Legends Of Tomorrow and not actually about the Flash. I’m not sure what the point of starting the whole Firestorm thing with Robbie Amell as Ronnie Raymond was, except that maybe he decided he didn’t want to do a whole other series. (Why all of that stuff wasn’t hashed out at the beginning, I have no idea). I have no problem with Jax, however, and look forward to seeing more of the character on Legends when it debuts later next year.

I thought the stuff with Iris, Joe and Francine was pretty powerful, and extremely well done. I’m not sure that introducing another version of The Flash is necessarily the best way to go, but that’s obviously the direction they’re headed. As usual, this is all going to depend on who is cast and where exactly they want to go with the character. We’ll have to wait and see how this one plays out.

I love the addition of Patty Spivot, and I do think that Barry does deserve a love interest that isn’t Iris (not a fan of the pairing and haven’t been from the beginning. Of course, if I got to choose, I would be on team Caitlin, or even team Linda, but no one asked me!), however, I am getting kind of tired of her damsel in distress deal. I get that she’s not a meta-human, and that’s fine, she just can’t be in need of saving all the time. Hopefully she gets more to do than be useless in the future.

The sophomore season of The Flash has so far been pretty entertaining and I am looking forward to seeing where the rest of the season takes us. The addition of Earth-2’s Harrison Wells to this world makes for a bit of an exciting turn of events and I am curious to see how this Wells differs from the Eobard Thawne version. Should be interesting, to say the least.

The Flash currently airs on Tuesday’s on The CW.

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